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Dating an old photograph

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  • Dating an old photograph


    Would anyone happen to have any tips on how I can date the age of this photograph? Perhaps by the rounded edges or the clothing the subjects are wearing? Thanks so much for any help!

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    I think the clothing and the house would be the main things to go on, you could check on the Library of Congress website and see if they have other photos with pictures similar to yours. They have a lot of photos on the site that might help. I would start with photos from around 1850s and work up from there.


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      I came across this while searching for some info for myself, and remembered your post, it might help.

      Cabinet Cards
      The larger version of the carte-de-visite, these images were mounted on heavy card stock to keep the photos from curling. These photographs were frequently displayed in cabinets or bookcases, hence the name.
      • Time period: Post-Civil War period, beginning in 1866 and enjoyed a peak of popularity from 1870 to 1895. Cabinet cards are rarely found after 1906.
      • Identifying characteristics: The thickness of the card stock, the color of its borders and whether it has rounded corners (1870s to 1900) or square corners (after 1900) can often help determine the date of a photograph. Many prints also included the name and location of the photography studio on the bottom of the card. Most common size is 4¼ x 6½ inches.


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