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  • Hello (:

    Hello everybody! Only wanted to introduce myself.
    I'm from Brazil and I love photography, retouch and basic everything related.
    I hope to learn a lot and also help if I can...
    Have a great day!

    - Matheus

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    Greetings and welcome. Look around and don't be shy about asking questions (or answering).
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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    • claire
      by claire
      I am new here, just thought I should say hello or something. I have been reading the posts and because I havent said anything, kinda feeling like a peeping tom. Great site, I have learned a lot already.
      07-16-2008, 04:25 PM
    • lecherro
      Yo Hello
      by lecherro
      The computer said to say hello. Must do what computer says. Hello. I have seen some fantastic work here. Hope to learn a lot.
      09-04-2008, 09:56 AM
    • wasimlhr74
      Hello From Pakistan
      by wasimlhr74
      A very warm Hello from Pakistan.....This is me Waseem Ababs from Pkistan, love to see this great informatic forum.
      Love to all

      Best Regards

      10-15-2008, 09:24 AM
    • Germy
      by Germy
      Hi everyone! It's my first day here. Hope to learn and share ideas with you all! Have a great day.
      08-18-2015, 02:41 PM
    • lorenzo.ciofi
      Hello Everybody
      by lorenzo.ciofi
      I'm registered since 2004, but I've not been doing much... actually nothing in RP.
      I love photography and I'd like to have more time I could dedicate to it.
      I will keep visiting RP to see how much I have to learn.
      08-16-2008, 08:59 AM