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  • Introduction

    What a pleasure to reconnect with "RetouchPro". I joined sometime ago and due to a number of computer crashes - lost the web site. Found again and with precautions to never happen again. I'm Jerry Snow, "Pop" to my Grandchildren. I am a retired Financial Crime Investigator for the World's Largest Retailer, with a background in law enforcement and credit risk management. Reside in the beautiful Northwest Arkansas city of Bella Vista. The majority of my retouch and restoration work involves photographs of pets. I produce memorial plaques for both pets and people using a sublimation printing process. Would love to expand and have the opportunity to offer my talents to a broader customer base. Love forums such as this for the educational opportunities as well as new friends and contacts. If my help is ever needed all you have to do is reach out and ask. Love to help people. Best wishes for many blessings and much happiness to all for this Holiday Season and coming New Year.

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  • Tonee
    Operation: Love ReUnited -- something to give you warm fuzzies!
    by Tonee
    Hi All!

    I started a foundation called Operation: Love ReUnited. OpLove supports U.S. Military Enlisted Families with patriotic images of their enlistment, importantly before a deployment, and more importantly at their reunion when the deployment has terminated and the soldier...
    10-12-2006, 02:34 PM
  • klairefairy
    Introducing Klaire Von Targe!
    by klairefairy
    Erm i hope this is the right place to do this, if not SOWIE

    My name is Klaire, i am from the UK, im a west yorkshire lass but very soon am moving to south yorkshire as i am to be married on the 30th January 2010! To my amazing fiance Caleb
    08-06-2009, 04:03 PM
  • Radrad
    not a Photographer but would love to Retouch
    by Radrad
    Hello Guys! I'm Rad just wanted to drop by and introduce myself

    I've been a retouch pro lurker for about 3 months now I really find this forum interesting I am no photographer but I work with a lot of mediocre pictures (cam-phone shot) but i feel there can always be something...
    11-30-2008, 11:57 PM
  • mlmaxey
    Just found you guys (and gals)
    by mlmaxey
    Hey there all, I feel fortunate that I stumbled upon this site the other day. I can't remember now exactly what I was looking for at the time but it had to do with restoration not retouching. I didn't realize there was such a huge community that just did retouching. I am engrossed in all the information...
    12-22-2010, 01:05 PM
  • julesb
    by julesb
    hi all! my name is Julia and i am so excited to finally join a ps forum. i love seeing all the great things people create and i love sharing too! i am into all aspects of photoshop including restoration, retouching, manipulation, basic and fancy.
    10-13-2008, 04:15 PM