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Saying hello and wondering about the new layout

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  • Saying hello and wondering about the new layout

    Hello, just joined today. Used to be a member a long time ago but cant remember username from back then.
    Where did the challenge pictures go? Cant find the gallery thing any where. Am pretty sure there used to be a long list of pictures that could be looked through and then downloaded to practice restoring and uploaded again to display the attempt and get feedback.
    At the moment with the you know what virus going around, being home so much has reawakened my interest in retouching.
    I used to do it with a paintbrush in a former life but computers have made it all much more like magic.

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    The site software got too old and had to be moved to update to current software. The move was mandatory, and the current software does not support the galleries, challenges, tutorials, etc. sections. Sad, but nothing to be done about it.

    There are still a lot of challenges posted here from within this forum (use search), but they're pretty old. Feel free to try them and post your results, but don't expect too much response. Lots of other stuff still here to see and do, though!
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Ah right Thanks Doug. I shall hunt around. I mostly liked to challenge myself so I'm not too fussed at posting them back if no one would see them anyway.


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        That’s unfortunate. That was one of the things I was searching for after not being here for a few years. Those were really fun.


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