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  • New, so hello to everyone!

    Landed here because of a Google search.

    I make a photo repair tool, but it's not a photo editor. Instead my tool edits raw contents of files to repair damage/corruption, much like a hex editor. However this is almost never perfect, so in the end you need to touch up in a photo editor. The latter is not my expertise so I am always trying to learn in this area. Attached example shows the various stages of repair, 4th step is as far as my tool can take you approximately. So to get to step 5 you need a photo editor. So my main challenges are 'equalizing' colors of the different blocks and 'inpainting' the greyish lines. These lines are actually rows of MCUs that were corrupt and have been replaced with zeros. Apart from using a photo editor I am experimenting with different techniques too, such as replacing this zero data with data from very similar MCUs (typically directly below or above 'lost' raw data), this video shows you what I mean:

    My background is mainly in data recovery. I started looking into repair of digital photos because of someone asking me for help with it. I am not here to spam. I am member of some online communities like this and if through such communities the occasion arises where I can help I try to do that for free (within reason).

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