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  • Greeting From NYC!

    Ed from NYC here! Never got around to this site as I had a plethora of other sites to visit. Started retouching in the 90s using Picture Publisher because Photoshop did not exist for PCs. Our business, Photographics Unlimited, Dial-A-Darkroom offered in Manhattan's "Photo District" photo retouching, Powerpoint slides as well as image writing to film, up to 4x5 as well as the usual professional custom lab services in the film days: E-6, C-22, B/W, copy and conversion negs and prints up to 30x40. My wife and I retired in 2008 after 40 continuous years in the business. Currently, photographing model glamour and fine art nudes using many digital brands: Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Mamiya medium format. Having the best times of my life! Best wishes to all. especially during these times. Ed

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