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  • MojaMike
    Yo from Memphis!
    by MojaMike
    Greetings RP Community!

    Just registered and stopped-by to say hi.

    I've been into photography and Photoshop for a couple of years. I'm hoping to learn more about retouching, and to share what I've learned along the way.

    Look forward to seeing y'all round the...
    06-21-2009, 08:53 PM
  • rhodese
    by rhodese
    Hello all I’m Rhodese, I live in the UK and have just joined that ever growing club THE UNEMPLOYED. I have always had an interest in photography and art. I’ve done some commercial stuff and some reproduction and restoration and thought that now I have time on my hands so to speak I might extend...
    03-19-2009, 08:06 AM
  • In-DepthPhotos
    Howdi People
    by In-DepthPhotos
    Hi there
    Stumbled across this site looking for night time lighting techniques somehow lol

    Anyway I liked what I saw and joined instantly and wow I think I will fit in just nicely here.
    Lots to learn and who knows maybe I have something to gve back, but it looks like you...
    03-26-2008, 04:27 PM
  • Nu2retouch
    Nother Nubie
    by Nu2retouch
    Hello everyone. My name is Rob, I'm from Ft Lauderdale Florida. Just found this is site and am excited to be here.

    I have a Nikon D50 which I bought about a year ago or so. I also have Elements, that I bought about 6 mons ago now. I'm not too experienced, but am looking forward to learning...
    12-28-2008, 10:46 AM
  • Link
    Grrrreetings from not so sunny South Africa
    by Link
    Brrr... it's cold this morning
    Hello everybody. Nice to be here.
    I have to say, it's all thanks to "The demystification of Dave Hill" that I decided to join LOL
    Great tutorial... I love this place.
    You know how hard it is to find a good forum on the net where...
    06-12-2008, 01:03 AM