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  • I guess I'm a new/old member

    I was a member back in 1998-2002 or so, but the site wouldn't recognize me when I tried to get back on, So now I guess I'm a new member with some old memories of being here so many years ago. Maybe, (I hope) someone can find me in the archives and fix this. I'm an old member, but inactive for about 20 years or so.

    I have been a photographer since the mid 1950's and was a yearbook photographer in high school using the school's Graflex Press Camera, mostly for shooting club shots, stage shows, and sporting events, I was the stage manager of a Summer Stock Theater with Off-Broadway shows, local talent, and full length movies being shown 7 nights a week. I spent most of my working life as an automation engineer (EE) where I was involved several times in creating new design specialized cameras and photo equipment for NASA and others. Photography has been a serious hobby for me for most of my life, but I took on side work in photography whenever I could find it. I owned and operated a Photo Retouching business in 1998-2002, doing commercial work, as well as walk-in work. Health reasons forced me to sell that business and I have been mostly in the serious hobby level and in health recovery since then, until 3 years ago, when I decided that I really wanted my own professional photo studio that I never had, to provide professional level photography and videography for my friends and family at little to no cost to them. This is a "Bucket List" project to keep me from staring at the walls and keep me busy and happy in my retirement. I have a great retirement package, so don't need an income from this studio. I had a large 2nd Master Bedroom Suite going unused upstairs in my home, so it has now become my photo/video studio. I had a bit of a "falling out" with Adobe, so I now use Affinity for my photo restoration and editing, and use camera download software from the camera manufacturers instead of Lightroom or Capture One. The Canon software is very close to Capture One or Lightroom in it's design and function, so minor editing for levels, etc. are easily done there, along with a 5 star system of deciding which photos to save and which to discard. The downloading process is automatic too, just like Capture One, but it's available free to Canon Camera owners to download.

    Most call me by my nickname. My mom spelled it this way, so I have continued the tradition. It makes me just a little more different than others.
    Many Thanks, for allowing me to come back.


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