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    Now that I have your attention, here's what I need.

    I'm volunteering in the computer lab at the Seniors' Education Center down the street. I opened my big mouth and put my big foot in it and before I knew it, I had "volunteered" to do a presentation on "image editing"

    I will probably use PhotoShop Elements for the demo as most of these folks will have just purchased new scanners and/or printers that have PSE bundled with them.

    The session is only a couple of hours, so what should I demonstrate given that the audience will be seniors (most in their 80s) and are all new to computers but very motivated and keen on learning.

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks, Margaret

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    A lot of 'before and after stuff' for starters followed by a 'light' overview of whatever manipulation prog they have got their hands on.
    There's guaranteed to be some pedantic attendee who will attempt to drag you into technical mire, put him/her to the sword as quickly as possible and head for the bar.


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      Making some very big assumptions about what they are likely to want to do...

      1. Importance of doing all editing on a copy of the original not on the original itself.
      2. Maybe something on source of images - e.g. digital originals vs. scanning in, and different types of scanned images - for example, where you can get things scaned if you don't have a scanner, the importance of different scanner settings (e.g. resolution) if you do (my mother had had a scanner for five years before she discovered that you could change the settings) - this isn't strictly "image editing" but getting the right kind of image in the first place will make the editing much simpler.
      3. Using different image types, resolutions and compression settings for different purposes - displaying on the Web versus emailing versus printing - based on my own experience with family members I think this is the number 1 problem people have - either they use a 3 megapixel 300 ppi image just for putting up on a website, or they try to get a decent printout from a very compressed very low-res jpeg.
      4. Basic "quick fixes" on color and contrast (auto settings? possibly an overview of Levels?)
      5. Red eye removal
      6. Adding text and borders to images.

      A couple of hours isn't long when you start thinking about it... hope this is the sort of input you were looking for!


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        That's exactly what I was looking for Leah and Chris, I will take along my trusty blunderbus and some coins for the publican.

        I will meet most of the participants next week and can get a feel for their experience etc.

        In terms of ability, I worked for 20 years as a computer programmer and have owned computers for most of that time but yesterday, I had the local provider come and install some new equipment for my combined tv and internet access.

        They put all this new equipment in my bedroom and set it on top of my dresser (the only flat unoccupied space they could find ) and plugged it in to the nearest outlet.

        When they left, I turned the light off in the bedroom and discovered to my dismay that none of the new equipment was working.

        I called the help line and they walked me through the necessary troubleshooting - including checking the bedroom equipment (it's dark in there so I had to turn the light on)

        Have you guessed where this is heading......



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          Keep a careful eye on the punters and tailor matters depending on their attention span dont stick to some rigid 'presentation' or one half will be asleep and the others will have departed. Two hours is plenty for a taster session, bore them and your audience will dissolve before you eyes.


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            Of course. One of the first things I learned as a technician many years ago was make sure it is plugged in AND, in your case, make sure the power source is NOT switchable.

            Getting back to advice. Try to remember, no jargon and KISS.

            Catia (Been there done that )
            Last edited by catia; 09-18-2003, 05:57 PM.


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              Catia, you get a prize for getting it right away. It took me a while before I figured it out

              I will remember KISS and try to keep their interest - maybe I can use an image of Chris as an example - Chris do you ever pose for calendar shots??


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                I'm afraid my posing career came to an end after the affair at the convent Margaret.


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                  Oh dear, sorry I brought it up. I hope the memory isn't too painful.

                  Maybe someone else will volunteer...



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                    I'll never forgive ThomasGeorge for using too much magnesium powder!


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                      First Margaret, give yourself a gold star for giving your time and knowledge trying to help others. I have spent time with the elderly and I find it very rewarding.

                      I would suggest putting together some handouts that they can refer to later. Maybe "borrow" some simple tutorials or even some screen grabs of basic techniques. Something to take home and work with. Good luck!!



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                        That TG, always stirs things up doesn't he

                        Thanks for the encouragement Bob.

                        I've been having fun in the computer lab where these elderly folks are learning Windows 98 for the first time. The instructor agrees that we can learn more if it's dished out with a bit of humor and we've been having a lot of fun.

                        This morning, I was crouched down beside one of the students and lost my balance. I grabbed something to catch myself and to my dismay, I grabbed the thigh of the elderly gentleman beside me.

                        I appologised profusely, but he laughed and said, "I didn't mind, do it again"

                        Was my face red....

                        Take care, Margaret


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                          Margaret, I'm not surprised with his answer. The elderly are just like us only a little older. My son had been working with my Mother-in-law with her computer. We e-mail her almost daily until she passed away at 90.



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                            Well, it's over!!

                            But I had requests to do a follow-up and some people expressed interest in having a full-blown course so I might be in for more than I bargained for

                            Using your suggestions as a starting point, I prepared enough samples to take about an hour. We only got half way through. They were so interested and asked such good questions it went rather well.

                            Even a couple of curmudgens in the back row listened intently before announcing that THEY would never waste their time on anything as frivolous as editing photos.

                            Kudos to RetouchPRO. Everything I know, I learned here!!

                            Thanks, Margaret


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                              Sounds like your time and effort were well spent Margaret. Congrats!!!!



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