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What do you listen to while working?

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  • What do you listen to while working?

    When I was writing a complicated piece of computer code, I used to listen to Michail Boulton at full volume. distracted my somewhat dysfunctional frontal lobes and allowed what was left of my grey matter to fire the necessary synapses and dredge up the necessary logic.

    When I'm working in PS, I haven't found a suitable alternative (the MB was on tape and since I no longer have a tape player......)

    I have good luck with the Casablanca dvd, but I've played it so often, I find myself repeating the dialogue and THAT confuses me.

    The Boss, anything current
    sports on tv
    utter silence (your Mom made you turn off the music while studying)

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    I just listen to the fan in the computer run..

    I really find music to be somewhat distracting.


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      I'm with Gary in that the computer fan is my source of white noise. The cat makes "Hey XXX, how about feeding me (again)" sounds on occasion.

      On rare occasion I'll turn on some talk radio.


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        If I play music, I like to listen and sing along (or pretend to), so I don't listen when I have real work to do.

        I sometimes forget that the CD player on my computer works for music as well as software...

        Now then, in the CAR, when my attention is only needed for Life and Death decisions -- I play my music LOUD!


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          My cable company provides 20 channels of commercial-free music which I invariably turn on first thing in the morning and turn off just to go to sleep. I normally keep it tuned to the New Age channel when I'm reading or just web-surfing, but I'll put it on the Alternative Rock channel when I'm trying to actually work.
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            I usually have the tv on but sometimes I fire up Rolling Stone Radio. They have quite a few channels to choose from to suit your mood.


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              I have the television on in the other room where I can barely hear it (why? I know not... but I find it difficult to work in complete silence.)


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                Sometimes I play music, sometimes not. When I'm playing, it could be just about anything, depending on my mood. It's usually classic rock, blues, jazz or bluegrass when it's on.



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                  I much prefer silence. If I'm reading or writing, I need silence or I can't concentrate. If I'm working on a photo, I don't need the silence, but prefer it until about 5:00pm, at which point I turn on NPR news. I do sometimes put on music (I don't know how to categorize my music tastes ) if I really need to "jam" on a project, but for the most part I prefer silence.



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                    I love many kinds of music; but when I've had a difficult day at the office, I jump in my car and play Top Gun loud enough to shake the moon roof!


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                      I used to put my sun roof back and crank up Iron Maiden.

                      Now I just listen to blue grass. Guess I mellowed.



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                        This topic is a fave of mine!

                        For those with no concerns about their internet bandwidth useage - 'tune in' to Australia's national youth network - JJJ.

                        The J's are a government sponspored, non commercial - national radio station. Part of their charter is to play a min required content of LOCAL music. From my understanding of music in the States, there is nothing like this.

                        We love music. triple j is the place for the best new music from around Australia & the world. Listen via radio or stream online.

                        (streaming audio).

                        This is where the commercial radio stations get their 'original, new' music from - months after it was first heard on the J's. <g>

                        When I am not listening to great commercial free music on the radio, CD's are played - more on that later.

                        Stephen Marsh.


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                          Stevie Nicks
                          Fleetwood Mac
                          Howard Stern

                          or just about any type of music......

                          + television news on mute so I can glance over every now and then


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                            Right this second I'm listening to "Echoes" (the public radio music show, not the Pink Floyd song, though that's excellent as well). It comes on a local college radio station every weeknight for two hours.

                   has streaming versions of the program. They have an excellent range of music you've probably never heard before, along with artist interviews, etc. It's mostly techno/ambient/space/trance/world stuff (you know, the usual )
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                              In my car, this week, Roy Orbison and a bunch of friends playing and singing back-up (Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, etc.) on some of his biggest hits (Black & White Night), and one of the Johnny Cash compilations. ("We got married in a fever, ... )


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