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Optical illusions

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  • Optical illusions

    This is just cool. I'm seeing spirals even as I type this:

    Later: Be careful, I overdid it a bit and got a little nauseous.
    Last edited by Doug Nelson; 10-07-2003, 11:55 PM.
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    Re: Optical illusions

    Originally posted by Doug Nelson
    This is just cool. I'm seeing spirals even as I type this:

    Later: Be careful, I overdid it a bit and got a little nauseous.
    Perfect. A new desktop to keep the riff-raff off my work computer.


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      Waah! I don't see any rotating (p.s. (OT) isn't "frown" the same as "depressed"?). I have now convinced myself that this is probably the first sign of some bizarre neurological condition...


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        Here's one of my favorites!!

        Try it with the eye dropper tool and compare the boxes.

        Try to import the image in photoshop and erase all the area around the two boxes... box 'b' will become the same shade (to
        your eyes)

        Some other cool illusions can be found here:



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          Great. Now I have a headache and a couple hours of work to do.

          Everything I look at is moving or disappearing.



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            Leah, you have to move your eyes around the picture to see the spirals moving. Were you moving your eyes are just staring at one spot?

            Thanks Doug & Eric!



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