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  • What are you reading right now?

    I've been on a reading jag recently, and the music thread prompted me to wonder what you guys are reading today (computer manuals, websites, cookbooks, textbooks, etc., don't count )

    I just finished Al Franken's Lies this morning. Now I'm a couple of chapters into Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything.
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    "Small Wonder : Essays" by Barbara Kingsolver


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      A+ Certification exam study guide

      - David


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        At that particular moment, I was reading the thread, "What are you reading right now?" Sorry, I couldn't pass that one up.



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          Warrior Class - Dale Brown. I'm really struggling with it. I've tried to get into it a number of times, being a bit of a Dale Brown fan, but this one just isn't grabbing me. I put it down the other night in favour of reading "The Tao of Layering" in the Photoshop 5 Bible... sad huh?!



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            Just about done with 2:

            The killers next door, Joel Norris - I like true murder.

            and ---

            The Ship and the Storm "Hurricane Mitch and the loss of the Fantome"

            My husbands mother and father took a trip on the Fantome and we just came back from a Windjammer trip -- so this book was a must.


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              "Under the Banner of Heaven" - true crime plus a history of the Mormons.



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                The Memory Bible by Gary Small M.D. and Scaredy Cat by Mark Billingham.



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                  Like ExclamPT, its "Under the Banner of Heaven." A fascinating book, for sure. Actually, that's the one that I just finished. I'm now in the let down phase that comes after you've finished a really good book and don't know what to read next.


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                    The current Rolling Stone...ok, I have a short attention span

                    In addition to that, I do read short bursts from Photoshop Studio Techniques here and there. Here's hoping some of it sinks in some day!


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                      Just restarting Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series of novels.


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                        Currently reading -

                        - The Gnostic Gospels, Elaine Pagels
                        - FBI's Crime Classification Manual, Douglas, Burgess, Ressler.

                        Human expression manifests itself in so many ways. The psychology of behaviour is a favourite of mine, especially the more extreme, criminal and religion, opposite means to the same ends.

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                          Currently reading - "Zinn & The Art Of Mountain Bike Maintenance" by Lennard Zinn

                          ...and reading the latest National Geographic!

                          Chris - How many novels are there in that series? I read somewhere that Master & Commander was the combination of 2?


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                            Greg, dont quote me but 22 or so. The film was two books combined but of course film adaptations are always fairly 'flexible'!

                            Great reading, the bedrock of the books being the interaction between Aubrey the captain and Maturin the surgeon/spy punctuated with sea battles and intrigue.

                            Just done a tour of second hand bookshops in the north and came back with some absolute gems. Just starting on one of them 'London Diaries' by James Boswell.
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                              While recuperating from a bad cold just recently I read and

                              Recommend Highly:

                              House Of Sand and Fog by DuBois
                              River King by Alice Hoffman
                              Middle Age; A Romance by Joyce Carol Oates
                              Shutter Island by Lehane

                              The Da Vinci Code and Demons & Angels by Brown

                              My husbnd who likes historical fiction has been reading books by Allan Mallinson( he's like Patrick O'Brien) recently and enjoys them.



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                                I reading right now shen yin wang manga. Feeling like reading shen yin wang zuo manga too much these days. This is my favorite manga.
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                              • Ed_L
                                by Ed_L
                                After 24 hours, I'm finally able to get on the site. It just so happens that I don't have time to do much now. Got started on making a cabinet for the bathroom. Now I've gotta finish it.

                                07-16-2002, 03:25 PM
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                                Take the poll, but don't post a reply with your answer! Just tell us if you got it right or wrong. I sometimes need a spel chekker, but even I got this one right.

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                                Time for fun again
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                                Put your birthdate in the window when you click on this link and see what
                                happens. Pretty neat, and pretty depressing since none of it seems that
                                long ago.
                                12-05-2002, 10:22 PM
                              • Ed_L
                                It's that time of year
                                by Ed_L
                                What do you have going on this time of year? So many things to do around the house. Yesterday I spent 12 1/2 hours of labor intensive work on putting a new brick walkway in front and around the side of the house. I was so tired that I didn't even get online yesterday except very early in the morning....
                                04-12-2002, 12:24 PM