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  • Paths experiment

    I'm trying to track down a Photoshop anomaly.

    1. Open Photoshop, make a new document

    2. Draw a path with the pen tool (any old path, just make sure "paths" are selected in the option bar, not shape layer or fill pixels)

    3. Now click on the Path Selection tool (the black arrow) and click once on your path to select it

    4. Now go to Edit>Transform Path>Flip horizontal

    Can you do it? Is it grayed out?

    What OS are you using?
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  • #2
    If you right click on the path, select "Free Transform", then you can go to the edit menu and select "flip...."


    • #3
      Yes, but that's outside the experiment. What happens if you do it as listed? And what's your OS?

      Thanks for participating.
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        Can't do your way.
        Windows XP


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          Anyone else? I'd especially like to get some Mac user input.
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            Flip horizontal grayed out - Windows 2000


            • #7
              Cool, thanks.

              Still hoping for some Mac users to try.

              In case anyone is wondering, this has been inconsistent (some people don't have it grayed out) and I'm trying to find out if it's an OS thing or some other variable.
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                Flip horizontal grayed out - PS7, Windows XP Pro


                • #9
                  Thanks, Jeanie.

                  I wonder why we don't have many Mac users?
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                  • #10
                    Mac user here!

                    It works fine for me. Nothing is greyed out. I'm using OS X Jaguar.


                    • #11
                      Excellent, thanks.

                      I wonder if we have any OS9 users?
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                      • #12
                        Interesting question...wonder what spurred that!

                        I work on Mac and PC, OS X (2.8) and Win XP.

                        XP = grayed.
                        OS X = works fine.

                        I do have a system with OS9, which I really should check. I can't right now as I am not where it is (and may have a little trouble getting away from trick-or-treat to find out early...).

                        Glad I wasn't nutz, but I wonder if there is a good unified work-around.


                        • #13
                          Mac user again

                          I just tried it in OS 9.2 and it works just fine.

                          I have both OS 9.2 and OS X installed on my G4.

                          Next week I'll have Panther! I'll try it on that and see what happens.


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                            Thanks, sjm.

                            I'm finding a lot of little Mac/Win differences like this.
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                              Was on the phone with an adobe guy yesterday who says there is no such difference. However, the official release of CS (119) may be different than some toys you might be playing with...

                              The only excuse i can muster.


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