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  • Holiday decorations

    Maybe someone would be interested in decorating our rather drab titlebar for the holidays?

    Right-click (or Cmd-click) on it to save it to your hd, do your Xmas best, attach it here (as a same-size GIF, please) and I'll pick one to replace ours for the holiday season.
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    Here is a quick one for Thanksgiving....
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      And a simple one for the the holidays...
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        Here is my contribution, Happy Holidays!
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          Here's an attempt from me...
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            So many great choices, an embarrassment of riches. Thanks, guys.
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              You could always rotate them through the holidays!

              I really like Roger and Leah's titlebars. Very festive and cute!



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                Daily rotation has begun.
                Last edited by Doug Nelson; 11-29-2003, 01:29 AM.
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                  In case anyone wants to make a late entry, or wants an early start on next year's holidays, here's our original titlebar.
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                    another logo xmas style

                    thought I would give it a try

                    its kinda colorful...
                    I tend to like color

                    the other ones are great!

                    hard to resist that big O

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                      Looking ahead to New Year...
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                        Chinese New Year (January 22nd)...
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                          OK, last one for now... (it's been a slow day ). Valentine's Day:
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                            They're great, keep them coming!

                            On the Chinese New Year one, is that Chinese text appropriate, or mock? I only just became recently aware of how many users we have from China.
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                              I believe it says Happy New Year, or words to that effect - I looked it up on a site that claims that's what it says ('cos I didn't want to just put any old characters up there). But I can't vouch for it from any personal knowledge of Chinese, I'm just relying on what I was told...
                              Last edited by Leah; 12-03-2003, 10:41 AM.


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