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  • Walgreens photo restoration

    Walgreens Launches New Fast, Inexpensive Photo Restoration Service
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    It would be interesting to see how much actual restoration they would/could do on some of the challenges you've posted, Doug. Somewhere they'll have to draw the line on how far they will/can go.

    I'll watch for this in the Seattle area.

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      it'd be interesting to see how much they pay these restoration masters. Can you do it on a contract basis as a side job?

      Lemme know if anyone knows any more about the employment side of this news.


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        Being very familiar with the quality of their prescription center services, as well as their corporate headquarters, I wouldn't expect much from the restoration side of the business either. The problem is that the average Joe will probably fall in love with it!



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          This is interesting.
          I may just have to make a visit to my local Walgreens to check this out.

          I may even submit something to see the quality of work and turn-a-round time. It's good to know what your competition is capable of producing.

          Perhaps after the holidays. I'll report back the results.


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            that's my point though, maybe it'd be good to get Walgreens volume of customers and not have to do the work to the level that you're capable of, only what the Walgreens manual demands. It may end up being something profitable.

            What does a typical restoration cost for those of you that do it for a living?


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              Work done here?


              Does anyone know for sure if the work is done in the U.S.?

              I speculate that the restoration work is done overseas in a Photoshop sweatshop.


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                Tend to agree with ExclamPt ---

                my guess is the work is not done in the USA ---- the turn around time is what made me think that.

                Vikki - I look forward to your findings!


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                  Hi Jill:

                  Happy almost ho-ho-ho.

                  I don't think I'd assume USA, either. Although the image is scanned onto a CD at the store, that image could subsequently be transported to (and from) anywhere via the Internet.

                  After rereading the press release, the processing location was conspicuous by its absence.

                  Good point by ExclamPt.



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                    Maybe This is where they the work is being done

                    found this in google's group search under " Photo restoration "


                    I think I liked the cold war better


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                      Even when figuring the more complex work, it seems it would take upwards of 120 jobs just to pay for Photoshop! Or, maybe they *don't* pay for Photoshop.



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                        "If your example is impressive, we will send you a photo for "test restoration"
                        to make sure that you can do a real work."

                        Hmmmmmm - One free image to them !

                        THEN ----
                        "we will contact you to discuss pricing (up to $5 per picture, depending on complexity) and other details"

                        My self worth is complete !!!!

                        Ed I like your math - but need to add a few more $'s in here --- the computer, internet connection, overhead --- LOL


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                          Originally posted by TwinbNJ
                          "Ed I like your math - but need to add a few more $'s in here --- the computer, internet connection, overhead --- LOL
                          Not to mention legal fees to try collecting your $5.00 for the more complex work.



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                            What's funny about Ron's link is that the guy is actually a Russian living in Virginia least that's who is registered to. Anyone want to pose as a Russian and see if you can earn $5 restoring one of his photos? (edit - On second thought, it's probably better not to post the link... )
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                              I took one in

                              Well, someone had to do it.
                              I took in my photo from Restoration Challenge #44.
                              Here's the FAQ's:
                              You can get it restored and colorized for only $39.99.
                              It takes about 21 days.
                              They scan the image on the scanner that's available to all customers. I don't know what kind it was, but will check it out when I pick up the finished photo.
                              They scan the photo to a floppy disk. Unless it's a high capacity floppy, the file size can be no bigger that just over 1mg, and most likely a jpg.
                              Although the photo is obviously very old, there was still a studio logo on the back, so I had to sign a release, which also included a hold harmless clause for Walgreen's.
                              They have a booklet of examples tied to the counter. The examples are very good. The colorings are also very good, and one was extremely well done.

                              If my photo comes back looking as good as their examples, we will all be out of business.

                              Come back here in 21 days, and I will post the finished restoration.


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