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Merry Christmas!!!!

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  • Merry Christmas!!!!

    Hi all!

    Thought I should get a jump on Christmas. Looks like it's going to be a busy day tomorrow, may not get back to the forum. So to all a very Merry Christmas!!!!


    PS To Ed L. Helga says Merry Christmas to her friends at your house. Helga would also like to introduce her new friend Durin to your dogs. Durin is my son and his wife's new puppy.
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    Hi Bob,

    A very happy holiday season to all at your place too. You're right. It's gonna be very busy from now until it's all over. Hooch says "Woof", and Princess is whining. She still doesn't have very good manners. Good looking pup!

    Merry Christmas to all at RP.



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      Bob, thanks for starting this thread, and a special Merry Christmas to the "Easter Bunny"!

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all members who reside here and to all the guests who visit here at RetouchPRO -- I hope your holidays will be filled with joy and love.

      Merry Christmas to Helga and Durin, and Hooch and Princess as well.

      Since we're sharing holiday wishes from our animals, I'll share a link to my Christmas page with my dogs/cats.

      Christmas portraits?


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        Just been watching Patrick Stewart as Scrooge in Dickens 'Christmas Carol' on the TV. The film starts out well but poor old Scrooge goes mad at the end and starts spending money on his relatives. A tragic end!

        However its 02:00 here so Merry Christmas to one and all!


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          Chris, You crack me up! I just spent the last 12 hours in jail (its OK...I work there) watching people boo-hoo over being locked up on Christmas and I very much needed a good laugh. Thanks!

          Merry Christmas to all!


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            Glad to see you've escaped but at least you've got the rack, hot irons etc to help pass the time!

            Just realised why Scrooge went mad at the finish, bloody Star Trek!! All that inter galactic travel, Woopy Golbergs cocktails and constant kicking the arses of Klingons, Romulans and Q have sent Stewart over the edge!
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              I'd like to add my Christmas wishes to those already expressed.

              Chris, I wasn't able to watch Scrooge this year. My son is visiting from university where he only gets two channels on the tv so he watches whatever is on. Sadly, both channels have been playing the various incarnations of Scrooge over the past week and he didn't think he could stomach another one.

              I hope you all have a good day celebrating whichever holiday your tradition requires.

              I can't take credit for this greeting, but I can't remember where I found it. Enjoy!!

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