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Anyone know what time it is?

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  • Anyone know what time it is?

    Here's a good thread!

    A post by DUV led me to post this. I was going to wait for the end of January, but this might be a good time.

    It’s past time for us to dig down into our socks again. Our last fund drive started during the last part of June, 2003.

    Note to newer members: We try to have a fund raising drive twice per year. Running a site like this is not cheap, and the owner has been trying to keep the site free for us. But he needs our help financially. If you would like to help, simply click on the “Support” link in the sliding menu to the left. Give whatever you feel comfortable with, whether it’s $1.00 or $100.00. It all counts, so if you feel this site is worth anything, please help support it.

    Doug, with the help of the moderators, has done all the work to keep things running smoothly. They all deserve a very big “Thank you”.

    Following is just a sample of the tutorials that have been posted since our last drive. This does not even include 7 or 8 weeks of tutorials that have been posted since the last drive. Here’s a list:

    Quick, easy, painless “Selective desaturation”-- bhallo7
    The awesome power of layer masks--Vikki
    Restoring stereograms--ExclamPt
    Create a photo template--bhallo7
    “Smart sharpening” in Photoshop--Leah
    Eye enhancement--K. Johnstone
    One way of cleaning up large wall areas--Shalford
    The stepwedge, and why to use it--Doug Nelson
    Sans cloning--Doug Nelson
    Basic monitor calibration for Photoshop--Doug Nelson
    Leah’s curtains for PSP8--BigAl
    Doug’s technique for creating curtains--Leah
    Enhancing details in unevenly faded pictures--Flora
    Another quick fix for unwanted color casts--Jeff L
    Custom shape tool for your signature--Trimoon
    Drop shadow tutorial--breasons
    Channel mask and selective sharpening--Mig
    Quick, safe levels adjustment--Doug Nelson
    Replacing a background--Rachel
    Scan to reduce surface texture and silvering--Roger_ele
    Photoshop UI tweaks--Doug Nelson
    Quick mask refining selections--Doug Nelson
    Lightening shadows--Joe Peoples
    Decrease focus depth--Doug Nelson
    Using replace color--Doug Nelson
    Quick fix for severe contrast--Doug Nelson

    And that’s just the start of what this site offers. The “Challenges” area is arguably the best place to learn, although all forums offer a lot for anyone interested. And don’t forget the sliding menu. There’s more goodies hiding there. So please help keep the site going.


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    I thought I'd bring this back to the top again because it's been 32 hours since I posted it, and I'm hoping there's a little more interest than there has been so far.



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      Just sent in my contribution...I have not been as active here over the past few months as I have been in the past, but I still check out the site everyday and can't wait to see what upgrades Doug has in store for us!

      January is usually a rough month for everyone I can understand the slow response to your reminder Ed. It's the post holiday hangover!


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        Unfortunately Ed, it was the last drive that started the RP rift...


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          Just because people aren't posting doesn't mean they aren't paying...

          (also, a more self-explanatory subject to the post might help. Not everyone reads all the posts obsessively...)


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            Originally posted by BigAl
            Unfortunately Ed, it was the last drive that started the RP rift...
            But the bills still have to be paid.


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              Don't know anything about an RP rift. Do know that this site is worth every cent of my contribution and much more.



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                What Duv said



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                  As is typical for me, I got mine sent in (just now) a couple of days after the drive began. It's not too late to help out during this drive, and it's *never* too late to donate. With the new look, I think you need to look under FAQs to link to Amazon for making your contribution.