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  • Penguin shuffling

    I'm addicted to this game but I can't get more than 5 in a row.
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    Ok I'm addicted -- thanks Doug! LOL

    My best is 6 so far ----- but who knows what tomorrow will bring!


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      This is why I gave up with Pong!

      Jill: 6??!! You're way to good.


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        Nah -- it's all that sailing my husband is making me do! LOL

        EDIT: and don't let Jean tell you she helped me!


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          OK I have to stop!!! The best to date is two. I knew I was in trouble when I smashed my hand into the screen of my computer to choke the little $&*@!^$!

          Yes Jill really did get 6 (with my help)


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            My wife wanted to thank you for keeping me out of her hair! I got 5 a couple of times, then I finally got 6. I thought that was great until I saw one guy had 113!! He's gotta get a life.



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              This one is a tad bit disturbing, but the little guy doesn't seem to mind.

              My best so far is 315ft

              Click once to launch, click again to swing.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                I got 322.9, but like all home run hitters, I struck out a number of times.



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                  Cute...I like to hear the penguin go "Weeee". My best is 320.5. I especially like it when the penguin skips across the snow.
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                    In the penguin "batting" game, my best was 319.3, but most of the time he ends up head first in the snow at about 200 ft. I like the shuffling game -- I sometimes prefer to send him spinning rather than trying to plunk him into the water.

                    This is great -- another reason not to vacuum!


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                      for us simpler folks

                      Try this little addiction.... good part is that it resets quickly


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                        Originally posted by rondon
                        Try this little addiction.... good part is that it resets quickly


                        I started at .375 seconds and worked UP (?) to 11 point something seconds.

                        OK, Ron -- how well have you done?


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                          Not Too Good

                          43 seconds i think... have to relax... not too easy eh ?.... here's a screen shot of how well I'm doing on Doug's game
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                            Originally posted by rondon
                            43 seconds i think... have to relax... not too easy eh ?.... here's a screen shot of how well I'm doing on Doug's game
                            Ron -- how did you get two penguins at once? I only know how to abuse one at a time...


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                              They piled up

                              those are the ones I missed


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