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  • Suddenly rich

    Pretend you suddenly have all the money you could ever want or need. What would you do with your days for the rest of your life?

    I don't mean "what would you buy", because that's fleeting and won't fill 20-50 years of time. And giving to charity or building a children's hospital would be a nice thing, but again it won't fill your days forever. Setting your children and grandchildren up with a trust would be noble, but (again) won't give you decades of something to do. Travel is nice, but after 10 years of traveling, where else is there to go? Education is worthwhile, but how much can you learn?

    So, what would you do?
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    I'd create art (painting, throwing pottery, etc...), ride my mountain bike, visit family and friends, and spend a good chunk of the year just wandering around the world...oh, and buy a winery. I figure I could spend a good part of my life taste testing the product! Is this hypothetical amount of money enough to build a spaceship?

    I know it sounds corny, but I would probably give a great deal of money away to people who have a passion but no real means to fund it...not talking about business ventures but rather, musicians, artists, scientists, etc.. who have great ideas but no way to realize it. It would be a blast to give people like that money and see what they come up with!

    This question reminds me of the movie "Office Space"...


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      Mine would be easy.

      I would continue to find things that interest me (such as photo retouching) and be able to work on them full time instead of having to work a job to support my "hobbies"

      Without the stress of cash flow issues, I would be able to spend time learning. Which to me would be the ultimate reward.

      Oh yeah, and a house on an island to keep the interuptions to a minimum would also be helpful

      - Noel


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        I won't know if it's enough money until I run out of it

        I'm spending my time learning, creating, inventing, vegging - all the things I never had time for while I was punching a clock.

        The strange thing is that now one interest will occupy so much of my time, that I find I don't have time for others and it's almost like before when I held a full-time job.

        And I still don't have time for housework



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          I think that I would invest the $. But i would do it by traveling around till I found an interesting neighborhood or town, live their for a few months till I discovered whats needed, ie $ for school programs, new medical facilities, new community centers etc etc, then move along to another community just before the checks started arriving for the first one. Kind of a Johnny Appleseed thing.

          Wouldn't it be fun to go to a high school graduation in a small town where nobody seems to have much going for them, including hope, and just give everyone in the class a scholorship for 4 years of collage or whatever trade school they wanted to go to? Even better if one could work out a way to have those students "repay" the $'s by coming back to that community for a set period of time to help out. In a perfect world, I think your investment could grow to something beyound your imagination. Now that I look at that I suppose you could do the same thing in a large city, but I come from a small town so thats my experiance showing.



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            I would continue to work, and do pretty much what I do now ---- but in a grander style! LOL

            I would continue charity "work" but have the ability to add more $'s to the cause along with muscle.

            I would make sure the kids would make out OK, not too much, still gotta work.

            I am sure Jean (my twin) would expect half!


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              I would more or less echo Margaret.

              Learn learn learn. More languages, and then even more. And then read and travel so I could use them. And I cannot improve on this one
              Originally posted by Margaret
              The strange thing is that now one interest will occupy so much of my time, that I find I don't have time for others and it's almost like before when I held a full-time job.
              My words entirely! There are too few hours in a day and too few days in a week.


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                I'm pretty much a lost cause so I'd probably buy a few cases of Glenfiddich then put the rest in some type of interest bearing trust fund and portion it out over time to some charities and my two kids..........................................mmmm, or I could spend the rest of my limited days in a Gaugiun Tahiti style existence. Ya Baby!!!



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                  Well, this is kind of deep for a Sunday night in February. It does invoke a lot of thought.

                  I guess I would continue to do what I am love to do right now. Right now I am learning everything I can about the internet and ecommerce. Problem now is that my day job is taking up too much time. I'd love to spend more time investigating and experimenting with Web development.

                  Right now I am covered up in "to do" list items. I don't make enough on my ecommerce vertures to be able to quit my day job. I don't have enough time to fully develop my ecommerce business.

                  Problem is though I don't know if there is enough to last forever. It'd be fun to try!


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                    I've decided I'd do a lot of active travel (scuba diving, hang gliding, etc.) plus I'd take lessons in piano, guitar, and cello (hey, forever is a long time) and teach myself film-making and editing. Then I'd create, create, create, and when I start to wind down, I'd write about what I'd seen, done, and learned.
                    Learn by teaching
                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      1)Take care of as many orphaned children and abandon animals as I could afford on a huge ranch purchased for that purpose

                      2)do artwork - photography, sculpture, painting, etc. and teach it to the kids

                      3)Travel and go to as many concerts as possible


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