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  • Truth in politics

    This thread is not meant to start a political debate on this site. We all know that politicians in every party bash their opponents. I'd like to see a website where information about candidates can be posted by anyone, but only if there is a source of easily verifiable information posted as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it would go something like this:

    "George W. Bush did (or did not) _______________. Verification can be obtained at (wherever, but easily obtainable)." Of course, the source would have to be accurate, and not debatable.

    I'm not indicating preference for any candidate, but I think a site like that could be valuable to registered voters. What do you think?


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    > source would have to be accurate, and not debatable

    How do you envisage the "would have to be" being enforced?


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      I guess it would be up to the owner of the site to investigate any complaints. Since the source is easily obtainable, that shouldn't be a big job. If it's not easily obtainable, it should be deleted. The way things are now, who knows what to believe? Now if we can just find someone who is completely neutral, and is willing to do it!



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        It's a great concept but I don't know if it's workable. You know how all Canadians live in igloos? Outside USA, I "think" the feeling is that you get "all" your info from U.S. media (big private corporations with vested interests!!!). My question is How do you trust the info you get on your news? Certainly Britain and Canada have their problems. But I sense the CBC and BBC are more objective in their coverage than US media with vested interests. Can the American's, who I respect, really get verifiable, truthful information?


        P.S. My mother always told me never to get in discussions about sex, religion and politics.


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          Hi Duv,

          The question about if you can trust the media or not is just the point. In the U.S. you can find some media to back whatever you want to believe. The question is, is the information accurate? Certainly there are ways to verify many things. If a politician tells you he has supported this or that during his term in office, that type of information should be available without leaving a way to dispute it. Of course he will only tell you the good things he's done. On the other hand, his opponent will tell you everything that is negative about the same person. This should also be verifiable, or it should not have been said in the first place. That's why I'd like to see a site as mentioned. Big business, or special interest groups would not have control over it, and neither would the politicians. Just give us the facts, and we'll decide, one by one, who we want to represent us. It's for sure that we'll have different wants or needs to be filled, but we'll be on the same page with good information. I think most people from any country would agree, that's what they'd like to see - good information.



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