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Any inventors out there?

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  • Any inventors out there?

    I have invented something. It's almost too simple, but I know that if someone manufactures it, they will make a nice bit of cash. Of course I want the cash for myself.

    Has anyone here tried or succeeded in protecting rights to a simple invention that would sell cheaply, but have wide appeal??

    This is different than a copyright. I can document my idea, but that doesn't protect me from others who would grab the idea, alter it slightly, mass-produce it and reap the profits.

    With any luck, I will finally have all the money I need like Doug talked about in that other thread


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    Good luck with the big bucks! I'd like to know a little more about that too, since I have something in mind. I wonder how long it takes. I don't have a long time left.



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      I don't think it's particularly difficult, but you will probably need to talk to a patent lawyer to make sure it gets done properly - will also, sadly, involve paying the patent lawyer...

      I do know (slightly) someone who invented the folding keyboard (like those you can get for PDAs). He actually didn't even bother to manufacture it after he patented it - he just sat back and waited for the big companies to realise that's what they needed and pay him handsomely to licence the idea.


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        Leah, funny you should mention the folding keyboard. Before there was any such thing, a colleague was showing off his new electronic organizer (this was pre-pda) and bemoaning the fact that the keys were so small he found it hard to type on it with his large hands. I told him what he needed was a normal size keyboard that he could fold up and put in his pocket with the organizer - of course he laughed me out of his office and (succeeded) in humiliating me as he laughingly described Margaret's ridiculous invention to whoever would listen. When I first saw the folding keyboards on the shelf at Staples, I wanted to hit someone

        Ed, I'm just starting the process, but will try to keep you posted.

        Since I started this thread, I've been in contact with one person who is wildly excited by my invention, and another who suggested that since it's so simple that anyone could do it, I should just give away the instructions.

        I still remember the feeling I got seeing folding keyboards (not that I had the expertise to actually design one anyway ) and I don't want to give up on this one.

        Take care, Margaret


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