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  • Migraines

    Ok, we're all major computer users here. How many people get migraines? How would you rate the severity? Duration? Causes? What meds are you on?

    Needless to say, I am experiencing one monster of a migraine that has hold of me and won't let go. THREE DAYS! Just double dosed on Fioricet and I'm feeling "well at ease" with the world, but the headache persists. Yes, I'm here venting because I'm putting on the "can do" face at work and I'm miserable. Senior services directory - 100 + pages trying to read the corrections made to the index pages. ACK! Graphic designer by day...can you guess?

    Just seeing if I'm alone on this issue.

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    ... so sorry to hear about your migrane ...

    .... It surely doesn't help you (or me ) ... but I've had regular bouts of migrane for as far as I can remember .... (even in my pre-computer days).

    In a scale of 1-10 the severity of my migranes would rate a good 12!

    Duration: 2 - 3 days ....

    Medications: Imigran (Glaxo) ... (4 tablets = € 50.0 !!!!) .... Which makes me realize that without migrane I would have been much better and richer!!!!


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      Thank you

      I am feeling much better. I gave in and went home early and popped a Vicoprophen. Makes me sleep for about 15 hours, but my head is feeling great. I really wish they would come up with meds that worked without messing up your ability to function.


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        Count me in here, for occassional "M's" .
        I've had a prescription for Cafergot for years. Works like a charm! Unfortunately, I was told they no longer make it.


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          I had my first one just about a year ago, I've had one other since. I've been using computers daily since 1987. I'm 44. I used to think people with migraines were just having a bad headache.

          That first one, which was probably brought on by hyper-tension and heavy stress was a revelation. I have a newfound respect for people who suffer them often. My vision and hearing were grossly distorted. I could not hold a thought. It was the most intense, saturating pain I've ever experienced; lasted most of a day.
          Neither of those headaches were related to computer use. My blood pressure has gone high since I turned 40 or 41. Under big stress it has gone well into the danger zone ~180/140. I'm pretty certain that was the cause of those headaches.