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Really dreadful tutorial

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  • Really dreadful tutorial

    I picked up a copy of a magazine called Digital Photography Techniques because it had advertised a video tutorial on photo restoration. I was rather surprised that the photo they were restoring was the one from Restoration challenge 48, hope they had someone's permission. Anyway the tutorial itself has to be the worst I have ever seen, the presenter mumbled and didn't seem to know his way around the PS menus at all.

    Doug, I wish you could see this if only to know what not to do when you do your video tutorial.

    If anyone else in the UK is tempted to get this Mag for the tutorial I would definitely say don't bother.


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    They don't seem to have more than a cursory website, so unfortunately I can't take a look at it. The article doesn't mention an author? Perhaps you can check the masthead of the magazine for general email addresses and forward this thread URL to them, and maybe they'll drop by. Then we can all learn together.
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