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  • Knoppix linux

    For any bi-OS curious folk out there, I just downloaded the ISO image for Knoppix Linux and burned it to CD (it's ok, that's what they want you to do, it's free and distributed as an ISO). You boot directly off the CD, run off the CD, everything is all there, even apps. No installation of any sort.

    And it worked great! (though it was slow as all getout until it finished booting).
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    knoppix is definitely my fave live-distrib OS

    of course, as in the case of any of-removable-media OS you need lotsa RAM to run it at some reasonable speed (i mean enough RAM to load all progs, w/o necessity to load stuff from CD during the work), but having the OS always with you anywhere you need it is really worth it

    knoppix has been the only unix-based OS i've been using before i bought another harddisk for freebsd... simply "grande" ;-) and has everything you might need...

    btw. it's a good choice also for the "noobs" to the world of unix, as you don't log in as admin, but just user, so you can't destroy so much


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      This came as part of the Knoppix package, and is very fun. But I found a Java version that anyone can play from their browser:
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