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    I'm in the process of making some Christmas cards and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where I can locate some fancy fonts to add to what I already have. Also, how do you get them in? Would it be like a plug-in.

    Thanks for any help.


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    I'm sure there will be many excellent suggestions from others, but for free fonts (and other free stuff) I like to start at As for installing them, if you're using Windows there's a fonts subfolder under your system folder. For Mac it's similar, but I don't know the location.

    Try for OpenType fonts first, then TrueType, and PostScript last, simply for ease of use issues (not quality differences).
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      Under Windows, once you've downloaded the font to your PC and unzipped it if necessary, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Fonts. Then do File -> Install New Font and navigate to wherever it was you saved the files. Select the fonts to install in the "List of fonts" box (or click on "Select All"), make sure "Copy fonts to Fonts folder" is checked, and then click on "OK". Then you can delete the downloaded and unzipped files because they'll have been copied in to where they need to be. They'll be available next time you start Photoshop (or whatever other application you're using).


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        Here's a couple of sites to start with...

        Follow the links on their sites to more, similar sites. You can always check; they have links to free fonts.

        We like as a source, the quality is very high but the prices are nice and reasonable... more links to font sites as well.



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          Found Fonts

          Thanks to everyone for their information re fonts. Managed to find what I was looking for. Also got some nice holiday gifs( no pun intended) on desktoppublishing which turned out to be an excellent resource.

          Also found out where my fonts in photoshop were. Had to go to Program Files>common files>Adobe>fonts to locate them. Then I was just able to drag my new unzipped one in to that folder. I kept looking for them under my Adobe Photoshop program and couldn't locate them for some reason.