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    Hi, Not sure where else to ask this question.
    In talking with some professional photographers who are being considered to photograph my daughter's wedding they have mentioned spraying the photos which will help to preserve them and fingers won't leave marks on them. What is this and where would I get some to use on my photos?

    As long as I am on the subject of wedding photography, I have hyperventilated when I see the price of a packages. Guess I am very out of touch.

    Any suggestions from those among you who have photographed weddings as to what the bride and her folks can do to end up with a happy result???


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    You should be able to pick up the spray at any good camera store. Re: the pictures -- plan out which pictures you want to have taken. This will also work in the best interest of the photographer because if he shoots what you want, the more reprints that will be ordered. He will likely get all the pictures of groups that are normally taken, as well as those of the ceremony itself. You might ask to have pictures of couples taken at the reception, but at a better place than eating at the table. A studio type backdrop would work well if space is provided. Outdoor pictures are always good also, if weather permits.

    One shot I always took at weddings was always a big hit. If it is a church wedding, I would go into the balcony (if available), and take a few shots of the bride and groom at a distance. This would show most of the church pews, and nobody would be in the church except the couple who would be embracing part way down the aisle, as they walk out of church. Of course, they would not be walking, but still. Available light usually works very well for this shot. Good luck.

    By the way, you're in the right forum for questions like this.



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      Avaliable at most pro photo supply stores, its hard to apply correctly as it has to be applied evenly, on a print with no dust or dirt on it as it will glue the dust and dirt on. It has to dry before you touch it or the fingerprints in the spray will be there forever. And do not forget that most of this things are toxic (and some are explosive) so you should avoid breathing the fumes. We never did use them here in our studio, we get that kind of stuff done at the lab we use.

      Wedding costs:
      You did not say what it is that you are looking for, but I will guess that you want some formal photos taken, coverage of the ceramony, candids of the reception, then the bride and groom picking photos for an album.

      The things that go into the cost of the packages are: Equipment, a pro will have at least one back up for every piece of equipment he brings to the wedding. He will have enough film/cards and batteries so that he never runs out during the day. If there is an assistant photographer, the same applies to the assistants equipment. We have a van with no mention of our studio on it, because the $ amount of the equipment in the van was way more than the value of the van itself. No sense in advertising the rolling camera store to anybody walking by with a brick in their hand.

      Training, hard to measure on a cost basis, but if the person has been photographing weddings for a number of years and is a true pro, then he attends classes/seminars etc to keep up with the latest trends, techniques and new equipment. This also applies to the assistant.

      If film, the cost of film, processing and proofing is getting worse everyday. If digital, then its the cost of sitting at the computer and sorting through all the images, and getting them ready to print/or doing the printing yourself.

      Time: Here is where we found the reason to really stop doing weddings. We started adding up all the time we spent:
      Interview to sell our services to the couple (1 to 2 hours?)
      On the wedding day, 1 to 2 hours to get ready and get to the location. We get to the venue at least 1/2 to 3/4 hour before our start time so we are ready to go when we said we will be. Then the wedding and reception, usually between 6 to 8 hours, then the 1 to 2 hours to get back to the studio and unload etc. Then either pack the film up for the lab or start on the download of the digital files. Sort the images and get ready for the Bride and Groom to come in and pick through them, the picking can take 2 to 4 hours easy. Get or make the final prints, assemble an album etc.

      It is actually more complicated than I have written here, but our rule of thumb was that we would spend about 5 to 6 hours of additional labor for each hour we spent at the wedding. And I really thought that I was worth more than minimum wage.

      I hope that this helps you understand what it takes to do a wedding in a professional manner, and why it costs that much.

      What can you do to insure a happy result? I think that you have to have either an unlimited bank account or sit down and really think about what is most important to you and the bride. Is it the photos that will last for a life time, or is it the gown, or is it the food, or is it the venue???? If you have enough money you can have them all, if not you have to choose.

      Hope this helps and does not just sound like whining. After about 15 years of doing weddings we have just about stopped doing them. If you have any other questions, please ask.....



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        Thanks for your thoughts on the subject. And for the info about the spray. I think I will skip it as it sounds difficult to use. Is it really necessary??? Or just for pro photos??

        Mike, I hadn't thought about it the way you described. so much time and effort to produce such an important memory.

        Luckily we have decided photography is paramount in the events of the day. Just wish it had been first on the list. We might have chosen different location etc.

        Thanks again.


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          From my experience, working in a portrait studio, most "sprayed" photographs were portraits 11x14 and larger. Usually, this size is not put under glass, hence the need for some type of protection. The spray is a nice finish, and isn't something you'll need to worry about applying. It's done by the lab or photographer in controlled conditions.


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            For archival inkjet prints and fine art prints we use Bulldog, get it in 20oz cans... unless you happen to have a spray booth or a roll coater handy.

            You might also check this RP thread:



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