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  • Anti-spyware scam

    On my recommendation, my brother downloaded and installed adaware. Unfortunately, he installed ada-ware, not ad-aware. It turns out they're very different, with different motives. While ada-ware doesn't seem to be bad, it does insist you pay for it before it will work (which he did, assuming I knew what I was recommending). It's evidently just a sub-par spyware detector with a dishonest marketing program.
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    Thanks for the info. They never stop, I run Ad-aware, Spybot and a couple of Trojan programs to help keep the scum from taking over. Between the spyware, hijackers and viruses it's a constant battle.


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      Microsoft has a beta download called Antispyware that works very well. You'll need your KEY from the CD or on your Computer if it was preinstalled. We have the Adware but I was still having trouble with a few spywares that the program couldn't remove (Bargain Buddy and Bullseye to be precise). When we went to Microsoft and downloaded the free Anti Spyware it removed the few I was having trouble with plus a few viruses and more. I had 79 infected files and it made going on the net next to impossible. If you're running Windows I recommend you give this a try before paying out bucks.

      DJ Dubovsky


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        Just be careful if using the Microsoft prog as it reports some parts of Mozilla Firefox browser as suspect and if given the ok shafts the latter.


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          Since it's a beta program I suspect you would encounter some bugs but as these are spotted and corrected I think it's well on it's way to being a powerful tool. I don't have Mozilla Foxfire so I didn't encounter that but it's a good warning to those who do. I just started using it so I haven't run into any problems myself.
          Anyway, nice talking to you again Chris. Sorry I haven't been participating as regularly as I was. Doug even passed me in the number of posts. Hopefully I can work on that.


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            Just downloaded the Microsoft program and gave it a shot. Luckily it didn't find anything. It does seem like a powerful program so I'm going to continue to use it along with Lavasoft Ad-aware.


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              Good luck T. Let us know if you have any troubles with it. Oh, nice to talk to you again T.


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                Thanks DJ! You've been missed. Nice to see you online again.



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                  I'm using Firefox and didn't have any trouble with it. The only program that it flagged for me was Flashget (download manager). It found problems that Adaware and Spybot missed. Seems to be a good app.


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