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  • New Members Introductions, Biographical Ramblings Etc

    By Doug Nelson (doug) on Friday, June 01, 2001 - 08:52 am:

    Since I'm your host, I guess I'm obligated to go first:

    My name is Doug Nelson. I'm 41 and live in St. Louis, MO

    I've been involved with photography since 1968 (yes, that's right), with computers since 1974, and with DTP and image editing since 1988.

    In real life I'm a marketing communications specialist (although I prefer the title "Minister of Propaganda").

    There...your turn

    By Ed Ladendorf (ed) on Friday, June 01, 2001 - 02:55 pm:

    O.K. Doug. Good possibility I'm the youngest one on the site . I'm 63, had the same girlfriend (wife) for 43 years plus. We had 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls. I've been interested in photography since the late 70's. My computer skills are almost up to number one, with zero being the worst on a scale on one to ten. I still have many things to learn about Photoshop 5 including working with paths, channels, etc. With the help on one of my boys, I built a 16' X 27' addition on our home, one and a half years ago. We did all the work except pouring the footing and doing the heating/air conditioning. Kinda proud of that, since it came out so well. We live in northwest Indiana, where it is a cold 55 degrees on June 1! I'm a firm believer that counting your blessings is the way to live life.

    By Whimsey aka Christine on Saturday, June 02, 2001 - 05:49 pm:

    Okay, here it goes:
    I'm 29 years old and a wife and mom which as everyone knows is a full time job I work at my local church and got my puter last year (was supposed to be family item, I confiscated it, another little known power of MOM)Since then I've become a computer addict and spend lots of time writing my own html (boy is it hard figuring it out on your own) and doing restoration work with PSP 7 for people in my local area, which I almost forgot is in Sunny Florida. I love to learn, have an odd sense of humor (sometimes gets me in trouble, sometimes gets me out of it) and am a TAMPA BAY BUCS FAN!!!
    My online nickname is whimsey and my real life name is Christine.

    Ohh. look at that, now my soul's hanging out!!!!

    By LindaJ on Saturday, June 02, 2001 - 09:26 pm:

    Linda J. signing in from Texas. I've always been interested in photography, but no formal courses. I am semi-retired, but seems like there's lots on my plate. I help my daughter-in-law manage her retail store - mostly the computer stuff. I also refinish furniture and paint fun finishes on furniture for her store (it's a children's furniture store). I spend lots of time in front of the computer...mostly with Photoshop. I am especially interested in the archival aspects of inkjet printing and have done a lot of research on the subject.

    I am so grateful to have this forum as a resource - haven't yet tackled one of the challenges but it's gonna happen soooon. The talent boggles my mind.

    Pleased to meet y'all....I won't give my age...but my son is 35...

    Ed - I agree about counting your blessings. I worked awful hours for years - was quite successful but then woke up one day and decided I never had time to do what I wanted to do. So I quit the job and started collecting so many blessings that I've never looked back! About the same time, my husband quit his long-time job and went back to college so he can teach high school math. He has a year left.


    By Sharon Brunson on Sunday, June 03, 2001 - 01:05 am:

    Another entry from Texas. Hello everyone. I'm with Linda on the age thing but I would rather say it now (I have a birthday in August). I'm 49 (eek). Married 31 years and have one son who is 24. My husband teaches high school and my son is a recent college graduate and a margins analyst. I have no idea what that is.

    I'll never make a dime off of Photoshop, but I love it. Even the simple act of scanning a picture and seeing all the things you can't see with your bare, nekked eye. And that one captured feeling, that one instant of emotion that you see and know was gone as soon as the shutter clicked. I was surprised at how much empathy is needed to really see a photo.

    I spend the majority of my time writing. In my free time I like a lot of things others have mentioned. I read a lot.

    Thanks for the forum Doug, and for putting up with someone who will never be great at this but who will love it anyway.


    By paulette conlan on Sunday, June 03, 2001 - 06:51 pm:

    Hello everyone-although orginally from New York State,my husband and I have been living in a golf course community on the east coast of Florida for almost four years now.My background in photography goes back to my childhood. My Dad was a very serious amateur photographer and I grew up with a darkroom in the house.He did alot of wedding and portrait photography and I was always the assistant.Anyway although I have a background in computers I never knew what digital photography was about until I discovered a Photoshop course at our local community college. The teacher was excellent and now I'm totally hooked. I really enjoy the opportunity to go online and learn new techniques -especially portraiture.. Thank you Doug for the site.

    By Char Covelesky on Saturday, June 09, 2001 - 01:57 pm:

    Hello from little Connecticut, on the shores of Long Island Sound. I have 2 married sons and a 30th anniversary coming up soon. Time sure does fly, my body may be getting old, but in my head I'm still a teenager. (Hate those mirrors) Anyway, after my kids graduated and the company I was working for relocated out of state, I went back to school myself, and that was a really positive experience, exposing me to all kinds of new interests and ideas, and motivating me to uprade from the Commodore 64 to a "real" computer. I had always gravitated toward art, so graphics quickly became my passion. I have also always loved photos, and then photography, but I feel most at home in front of the computer. Photo restoration and manipulation combines all the above, and I find it totally satisfying and Zen, I just fall into the zone, its like a drug for me. I started at school with PS, but not being able to afford it myself, I downloaded PSP and found to my amazement that it could do about anything PS could, and for a fraction of the $$$, which was in very tight supply. I found it more intuitive and user friendly, so it is still my weapon of choice.
    I love this forum because it expands on the self-taught skills with such a great variety of approaches, it's really an education, and the challenges encourage refining what I've learned, or need to learn. Thanks Doug and all of you talented individuals.

    By BamaCutie on Friday, June 15, 2001 - 12:31 pm:

    Hi Y'all! Maya Goodson from central Alabama. I'm 30 years old, married with three children. My interests are reading, writing poetry/prose, anything computer related, collecting King Ludwig items, and of course, photography. I'm half Bavarian, half Alabamian... European Redneck! I tend to be a perfectionist, which leads me to anywhere - like here - that I can learn, learn, LEARN. I want to know it all (and sometimes act like I already do!) and I give 110% in whatever I do. Hope to be able to contribute to this forum! Appears to be a very competent group here.

    By BamaCutie on Friday, June 15, 2001 - 12:45 pm:

    I want to add that I am heavily into geneology. Also that I have plans to start my own business in portable portrait photography using digital equipment. Just a few major things I left out in my previous introduction!

    By kathleen crimm (kathleen) on Friday, July 13, 2001 - 12:06 am:


    i think i hear an echo in here.

    i came to photoshop about 1.5 yrs. ago, about the same time i came to computers (mine's a mac)

    most of my working life has been as an rn, the last 4 years as a hospice nurse. but i always wanted to grow up to be an artist. (still do, @ 51)

    after taking a class in ad. design @ a local c.c. (as local as anything gets here in the country - deep south mississippi), i felt like ps was learnable and perhaps even a potential source of income - which has yet to come to fruition, but that is my hope/plan.

    i would like to hear re the experiences of others who are doing ps as a business, but i am too sleepy right this minute to think of what i want to ask.

    i was struck recently by the fact that the gratitude i encountered from a friend, whose father's senior portrait i restored, ( he died when she was 8, 30+ yrs ago ) was very similar in poignancy to the responses of families i served as a hospice nurse. it was so "real". grateful to be able to do this. and it's easier on the back than nursing. : )

    By G Mantero on Friday, July 13, 2001 - 10:25 am:

    Hello, everybody!

    I'm a semi-frequent poster on a few other design/software forums, and in real life I'm a marketing coordinator for an engineering firm. My love, however, is photo restoration and retouching, at which I moonlight.

    My hubby and I live in Dallas, Texas, which is far too hot (!!!) for our tastes (we hail from Ohio).

    This forum has been really great for me--I've taken a couple of the challenges but haven't posted them yet for lack of time. I enjoy the tips and bouncing around of ideas. My favorite thing about PS is that there are five different ways to do almost anything, so you can use whatever method seems the most logical at the time and get very similar results.

    By Alan Rubin (airubin) on Tuesday, July 24, 2001 - 03:15 pm:

    Hi All,

    I see that we are going to be a very diverse group.

    I live and work in Manhattan, NYC, and it is also my place of birth. I have also lived in PA, NJ and CT as a result of college and other jobs.

    I was a Metallurgical engineer for ten years before I went into the family retail appliance business thirty-six years ago.

    I became an active 35mm photographer at the age of ten in 1945. I got hooked the first time I saw an image emerge on a blank white paper in my father’s darkroom.

    I lost my darkroom when we sold our home and moved into a NYC apartment. I am now also working with digital photography, so my darkroom is a computer and a printer.

    I have taken many Photoshop and related courses these past three years on ZDU and SmartPlanet. The best part of the courses was the interaction among the students in the classes and their forums. These no longer exist in their original format and are not worth the time.

    I’ve started the process of building upon all my course work and to learn Photoshop by working with my own images. I use several books to supplement my textbooks while I work.

    I found the link to Doug’s site on Katrin’s web site for her “Restoration” book.

    This forum has the same feel that I liked in the forums that I mentioned above. It seems as if everyone, regardless of their experience, is willing to help each other.

    I am looking forward to many hours of pleasure working with all of you, even when you comment on all my mistakes.


    By Christie Williams on Friday, July 27, 2001 - 07:17 am:

    Oh my Gosh....just stumbled into this salon and figured I'd better introduce myself. I live in the hill country in Texas on a ranch, literally in the middle of The photo developing place in the nearest town about 20 miles away has asked me to take a shot at doing photo restorations, colorization, manipulation, etc. Well as an avid computer and graphics aholic I agreed. I am thoroughly enjoying this site and am so thankful it's here. I've been messing with phoptoshop for about 4 years now and recently bit the bullet and upgraded to version 6...a wise decision as there are many additional features which are very helpful. As time permits I hope to complete some challenges and look forward to any tips, critiques etc. as I do love the work. I also enjoy photography and when I'm not riding horses or working on pictures I take them. Good luck to all and stay safe and happy.

    By Amanda K Jones AKJ on Tuesday, July 31, 2001 - 05:02 am:

    Hello All . . .

    As you can see my name is Amanda K Jones, a.k.a. "AKJ." Where to begin? I'm 25 years old and have just discovered my passion!

    I graduated from college with a degree in forestry--couldn't find a job--so I began to explore other options. . . I told my husband (a network engineer) that I was interested in designing web pages and he tossed an HTML book in my lap and my life has never been the same since!

    When you design web pages it's usually a good idea to have graphics so I signed up for a Photoshop course offered by the HTML Writer's Guild. There I learned about color correction, curves, levels, restoration, etc. and something inside me just clicked. I bought Katrin Eismann's book, followed her link to this site and here I am! Can't wait to learn all I can and look forward to burning the midnight oil trying to get everything to look just right.

    My background mainly deals with HTML, have been hand-coding web pages for three years now. I have only been working in Photoshop for about 6 months. My first computer was a Commodore 64 and I remember putting in cassette tapes to play different games.

    For now, my "real job" is working as a veterinary assistant at our local vet--since my other passion is dogs.

    Nice meeting all of you! : )


    P.S. I live amongst the Great Lakes in the great state of Michigan.

    By Dave on Tuesday, July 31, 2001 - 04:16 pm:

    Hi.. my name is David but I prefer to go by my online nickname which is "Vogonpoet" (or ~Vp~ ).

    I am a designer working in the autmotive industry in Detroit, Michigan and am originally from England.

    Photo Manipulation, Graphic design, Web Design, and anything graphical in nature is my major distraction outside of designing cars! I love to learn and help when I can, so I hope to be able to become an active part of this community.

    From what I have seen so far, Doug and you all have made a great website and I am proud to be here

    Pleasure to meet everyone


    Dave (~Vp~)

    By Alan Rubin on Tuesday, July 31, 2001 - 09:01 pm:


    Was the Writer’s Guild’s Photoshop course offered online or locally?

    As for discovering your passion at 25, I think that you are limiting yourself with images, HTML and Photoshop. I’ll be married 40 years this December and my wife is still my only passion. My kids and there families come next and everything else is a hobby.

    I’m just having a little fun at your expense, as I know how you feel. I’ve been working with HTML, Photoshop and related topics for the past three years. It is very exhilarating, as well as time consuming.

    My major “passions” are digital photography and the ability to obtain the best images possible.

    I am also developing and American History site that will cover the period between 1750-1870. The major emphasis will be upon people who started and developed our country.

    Other than me, my wife has no interest in any of my other “passions”. Your husband tossed you a HTML book. My wife would have thrown it at me. (Ha)

    I’ve only been on this site for a few weeks, but I believe that it is on the right track.


    By Amanda K Jones on Wednesday, August 01, 2001 - 06:16 am:

    Hi Alan!

    You are right about that--if I had to take one or the other I would definitely choose my husband and kids (actually we have a dog and a cat but we consider them our kids) over Photoshop and computers any day--but I'm glad you got my drift. : ) Just feels good to have something that I can call "mine."

    Anyway, on to your question . . . the HTML Writer's Guild offers courses online. They offer some great courses and they are all really affordable. You get a discount if you're a member of the Guild but you can still take classes if you are a non-member. The Photoshop class lasts for six weeks and they keep you busy! For more info you can visit their site at and follow the link to "classes." For now they just offer Photoshop Level I but I think they're working on developing a Level II course. You may be interested in taking some of their other courses too while you are developing your site.

    I'm new to this place too but I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time here. Once I learn more about restoration and retouching I'm going to dive right into those challenges.

    Your site sounds real nifty--something my husband would get into cause one of his "passions" is American history. ; )


    By Amanda K Jones on Wednesday, August 01, 2001 - 06:24 am:

    Hi Alan it's me again--I forgot to mention something in my previous post. The Photoshop course at the Guild is highly interactive both with the instructors and students. I learned a lot from what some of the other students asked--it was a great experience. I've even exchanged some emails with people so we can keep in touch and continue to learn PShop together. You also work with all your own images so that's kinda neat too.



    By DJ Dubovsky on Friday, August 03, 2001 - 03:35 pm:

    Hi All,

    I'm DJ (Debbie actually but I mostly use DJ when I'm on the net, it's easier) and I have been living in south Florida for about 22 years with my husband and teenage son. We're originally from Upper Michigan and also lived 2 years in the suburbs of Chicago. Too much snow for too many years, so we headed to Florida and stayed.

    I bought photoshop about 4 years ago and started reading everything I could find to teach myself how to use it. For 20 years I worked as an electronic tech but decided I wanted to give photohop a try and started a small photo restoration business. So far it's a hobby more than a business but I am having fun with it.

    I found this site researching Katrin Eismanns book and loved it. (Loved the book too.) The challenges were fun and informative and the people on the forums were so nice and helpful. I'm not sure what it is exactly but I feel comfortable posting and answering messages here. We all seem to be stuggling to learn and have a good time with digital restoration and are all eager to share what we know and ask about what we don't. It's really all about the people. I look forward to getting to know you all.

    Last edited by Doug Nelson; 10-21-2001, 06:25 AM.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Howdy folks, I'm Tom Pinnock (thomasgeorge) a retired Firefighter ALS paramedic who moved from the bright lights and rat race of the Northwest coast to a peaceful and wonderfully unpopulated area of Northcentral Montana where the nearest Mall is 220 miles away and there isnt a stop light in the entire 5200 sq mile county I reside in. Lots of cows and other critters though. My hobbies are digital astrophotography, hunting(thats how we fill our freezer) and trying to avoid anything even remotely connected to meaningful and gainful activity. I started playing around with computers and graphics in the dark ages of the RadioShack TRS 80 and Commador 64 color computer( with a whopping 4k memory!!!) when pixels were the size of postage stamps and to stack them into a stick figure that could move in a most abnormal manner was state of the art. Been playing with Photoshop since version 4 and Photopaint since it came on floppies. One of these days I'm even going to learn how to run them correctly!!! I do a lot of restores on photos from the 1890 thru 1930 era as most of the Ranchers and town folk here are at least 3d generation and consequently have kept all their family and misc photos intact in collections mostly stored in shoeboxes. Anyhow, its good to meet you all. Tom


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      By Holly Marie on Thursday, August 09, 2001 - 09:26 pm:

      Hi Everyone,

      I am 44, and live in the NW suburbs of Chicago, near the Wisconsin border. Still in college and deciding what I will be when I grow up. I have gone from medical studies back to art and writing. : )

      I have been interested in photography and art since I was very young. Some of my first daring pictures were from a tourist helicopter ride with no doors, while flying/hovering over rapids and rivers near Wisconsin Dells when I was 11. I was leaning out the opening to get the shots. (the pilot looked pale when we landed and he said he would remember me and not take me up again.) The pictures came out great, and are on slides somewhere with my mom and dad.

      I am really interested in all sorts of graphic arts, photography, print graphics, and web design. I specialize also in Accessible web design, and have done some contract work for a professor that teaches marketing and ebusiness on the web who is also blind. I am a freelancer, student, artist, and designer -- that loves having my own hours to just pick up and chase a storm or cloud, or take pictures for the next client web site.

      I took photoshop in college a year ago or so, and have also taken digital audio and sound, as well as other web, internet and web design courses. I will be teaching a special topics college credit course on accessibility soon. I am very interested also in multimedia work and music.

      I love using Paint Shop Pro, and do also use Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Freehand, PhotoImpact, and a few others.

      I am married 24 years, have two children, A son in college studying to be a LAN networking Administrator(who has been building my computers for the last several years), and a Daughter who is 21 and has Cerebral Palsy.

      My love for art(fine printmaking, watercolor, and drawing) and photography has me working alongside Nature and Seasons, mostly, but most everything is interesting.

      Glad to be here and looking forward to joining in, getting to know everyone, and learning as time permits.

      sorry this is so long - : )
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Hello everyone, my name is Marni. I live in Boynton Beach, Florida and am new to Photoshop, only about a year. I got into this out of necessity, 60 damaged wedding pictures of my own to be restored!! I was fortunate enough to find Katrin's book and then found my way to this site. Doug was a real doll and took one of my wedding photo's via the net to be used as a challenge#2. I am AWED at the talent in this group and have learned more in the last week than I did in a year and I sure appreciate how everyone gives of their talents and shares information. Due to living in Florida photo's go through a terrible trial and I will have enough restoring of my old photo's to do for a lifetime I think!!! A little about me, I am a musician who sings and plays keyboards with my own 5 piece band doing Weddings/BarMitzvah's and corporate events. My husband is a professional videographer doing the same type of events. I have a 19 year old daughter who is the Dance Captain/dancer on the Monarch of the Seas, one of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ships. I enjoy computers, sewing, and now photo restoration. My husband is about to divorce me, I am glued!!!! to the computer trying out new things. This board is terriffic!!!!


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          Hi! My name is Anne, we live in Nova Scotia, Canada except for a little bit of the winter when we get down to Florida

          I'm married, two grownup children who are rather nice people and two wonderful grandchildren (it's all true, grandchildren are best LOL) I play some golf, read a lot and do 'stuff' on my computer. Got a digital camera last year and have had some fun with that but sometimes still like the oldie for some things. I do graphic work in PSP7.02 as the mood strikes :p started with old photos when I found some of my parent's wedding, little itty bitty pics in B/W, that started a whole new learning thing for me and it's been kinda fun too!

          Great forums here


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            Come on folks! Step right up! This thread has been buried, so I brought it back to the top. We have a lot of newcomers to the site. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you're from, family life, interests, etc. Join the fun.



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              When I was first able to buy a copy of Photoshop (academic copy - lower cost via the community college bookstore), I knew this was the perfect marriage of two loves - computers and photography. I am self-taught, and have been using PShop since version 3, but have learned so much more this year that it almost seems like I'm brand new at it. I've worked on family photo restoration for several years, but used only a few tools and filters. Now I am beginning to better understand how to make useful changes in Channels, and am LOVING the chance to LEARN new methods and strategies. Katrin's book and this Forum are really being helpful.
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                Hi all. I'm Bob Walden. I live far northern subs of Chicago. My wife and I have been married 32yrs. Or is it 33? We have a son 24 yrs old. He is moving to Mn. this weekend to live and start a new job as an IT administrator for a law firm. Going to miss him.

                I have spent most of my working yrs in darkrooms. I am a photo lab manager. We are just starting to get into digital.

                My interest in PS begain when I was working with my mother-in -law on her family history. That was about 4 yrs ago with PS 3.0. That also led me to become interested in genealogy.I belong to two genealogical societies.(a good source for restoration work). I get great pleasure in trying to save peoples memories by restoring their pictures.

                I really enjoy this forum. Lots of nice considerate people.


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                  Well I suppose I must throw my hat into the ring sooner or later !

                  I’m Chris and I’m an ‘over the ponder’ from Lancashire in the UK. I’ve never been in gainful employment but have been lucky enough to do work where people actually paid me to enjoy myself. These pastimes have included industrial photography, doing various research work in the UK and ‘artistic films’. I did a degree course in creative photography in Nottingham in the seventies and that helped me to get into industrial stuff. Moved on to other things in the eighties but the coming of digital photography rekindled my interest in the medium.

                  Other hobbies include books (1000’s all over the place) Maps(ditto) naval architecture and generally wandering about this little island of ours. I visit Istanbul as often as possible it’s eyeball deep in history and antiquity.

                  I do have some distant relatives in Philadelphia and had to contact them a few years ago on the death of a relative over this side. To my horror it turned out they were fire breathing , hell and damnation bible punchers who wanted to come over and save my soul. I managed to dissuade them from this alarming course of action by methods best not mentioned on this site ! However I’ve no doubt they burn me in effigy every year in Philadelphia !!!

                  That’s It !


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                    Hi to all

                    Hi to everyone
                    I am new here. I have been lurking in the forum for awhile now. Lots of great info and a nice easygoing atmosphere. I am not one who generally jumps into forums like this or another form of conversing with others via the internet.
                    So here goes. I live in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been married to the same lady for 27 years. I have a daughter 22 and a son 19, both great kids (I think it was their mom).
                    I have been drawing with pencil for a number of years. Then this computer ended up in my house. Now I play with all sorts of software to do all sorts of things. Some make money others well, call it a labor of love.
                    I have done a few touchups and alterations. This is what I like doing the best. Paint programs are the tools of choice here. PhotoShop is a great program, and is my main tool.
                    I would just like to say again I think this is a great forum, and I look forward to learning more.
                    Garrett A.K.A koonmac


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                      Hello everyone,
                      Another Texan here from Dallas,59 years old,married,a spoiled dog and a noisy African Grey Parrot. I have been interested in photography off and on since I was 18 and very much into Nature Photography for the last 12 years. I have been using Photoshop for about four years for contrast and color corrections for my nature images. I have just started trying to learn restoration and retouching in the last three months and find it very addictive. I upgraded to PS 6 and like it a lot,it seems a little more intuitive to use and learn.
                      I am looking forward to participating and learning here and think this is a special site. Thanks to Doug and the moderators for their time and effort in making it special. Roger


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                        Hi everyone!

                        my name is Ingrid

                        Age 54 - married for 30 years – after years in the corporate world, my husband and I now own a small market here on the Oregon Coast. We have two wonderful daughters age 22 (just graduated from college and now a physical fitness trainer) and 24 (in her third year of a six-year dual Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine program in Portland.) Sierra (Siberian Malamute) and Nicky (tuxedo cat) round out our immediate family. That’s “me” three days a week and full-time during the summer. The other four days a week, I’m a full-time college student living in Portland (get to visit with daughters as an added bonus) - a social science major in my senior year - although I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.
                        About six years ago I volunteered to become the family historian. This summer while experimenting with how to best record the collected stories/info, I started playing with old photos, maps. I had the educational version of photoshop 5.5 on my computer from a desktop publishing class, but never learned more than the most rudimentary basics since most of the class focused on the Quark Express publishing end.
                        I dove in blindly and before I knew it, I was hooked – this is so much fun! (I’m lucky my husband is a very understanding man!) Soon realized I was in over my head though and totally unprepared. There is SO-O-O much to learn and never enough time. Spent the last month backtracking and trying to learn about scanning, color calibration (the more I learn, the more confused I get), archival inks/papers, etc., but think (hope?) I finally have a scan/monitor/print workflow that works for me.
                        Anyway . . . I’m a total photoshop beginner, using on-line tutorials and Eismann’s Restoration and Retouching, whenever I can find/make/steal some time. This is a wonderful forum. Unfortunately, with classes (and my dual-life commuting schedule) starting again this week, I’ll only be able to check in now and again. Thanks in advance for all of the wonderful information!

                        Ingrid Melissa


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                          Greetings and Salutations!!!

                          Guess I might as well join in this party. Food is quite good, I must say (informationally speaking).

                          My name is Donald Hill, usually go by Don or Hawkaye. Currently living about as far northwest as you can get in the sunny state of Florida. Got tired of the "cold" winters up around Chattanooga, TN. Currently self-(un)employed, but looking into making a go of image enhancement/manipulation/restoration. LOVE PS, but alas, currently using 5.5 (educational version). Would love to upgrade (get a new car while I'm at it) to 6.0, but might wait for 6.5 :-) Two dogs and a cat and a couple of parents make up the immediate family. Have found this group to be a singularly friendly and informative group (please, don't hold my spelling against me, batteries are dead in the spelling ace). Look forward to share with everyone here, and learning as I go. Hopefully I'll be able to give something back to the group. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!



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                            HI :-)

                            My name is Sandra, I live in beautiful Sydney Australia. I'm self taught in photoshop, or should I say am still learning. I started playing around with manipulation of graphics years ago with my old commodore 64. I did a lot of dtp for my children's school manipulating graphics to suit the topics in the school magazines and the children's writings. I started restoring photos about 2 years ago when I was shown a family tree being compiled by a friend. Some of her photos were badly damaged, one with moth holes eaten right through. I was sure there must be a way that I could improve these photos so I began playing with photoshop. It became a passion and I started my small restoration business a few months ago. My main problem is that I'm a perfeconist, which is good for the customer but it makes it hard to make a profit on the jobs. I would love to learn how to be both a perfectionst and a quick restorer, lol. I have a lot to learn about photo restoration and am grateful for any help I receive. I've already discovered quite a few helpful tips on these forums and am looking forward to one day being good enough to offer my own, till then I'll just read and learn. :-)


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                              deja vue all over again

                              My name is Pat Griffiths. I signed on nearly a month ago but never drifted through this board before. Skimming through, I see quite a few threads common to mine.
                              I've been an RN for more than thirty years---most recently in hospice nursing. Since my last patient died about 10 months ago, I haven't worked outside the home; my youngest son is disabled and that complicates life at times. I'm down to two teenagers at home with my oldest four children out (except for semster breaks)
                              I have only the LE edition of PS...and PS Elements. Switching between programs with different hotkeys is a real nuisance.
                              My first pc was a hand-me-down from my sister about four years ago. I've always been one who wants to know how stuff works, and that PC with Win3.1 and DOS 4 was just the ticket! Now I build what I want.
                              Photography has long been a hobby, and genealogy another. Marrying the two is a natural. When my Dad died a couple of years ago I did a memorial collage in his honor. With the photo albums long in our family, but not improving with age, restoration is another natural.
                              Soooooooooooo much to learn!!! but not enough hours in a day.


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