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    I think DJ has summed up this forum admirably:
    I think the tone of respect and friendliness was set in the very beginning and has spread as each new member joins in. I feel good after logging on this site.
    Ed is right, it's nice having someone make a kind comment rather than be flamed. The wit is something I also appreciate (especially some of CJ's responses!)

    Oh yes, I've also learnt a great deal about a topic I thought I new quite well I just wish I still had enough active gray matter to remember it all


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      We may not have skunks but their nuisance value is nearly equalled by double glazing salesmen and bible punchers banging on the door. We can't shoot them as is normal practice in the US but the dogs have defrocked one or two. I recall one running bare of buttock back to the road having been debagged by an Alsation we had at the time.


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        Hey there Ed,

        Well I've learned so much that I'd hate to use up all of the forums space talking about it's unbelieveable how this group has grown and each and every person is a professional at some technique in my mind.

        I look at the descriptions on each of the challenges and although there might be room for improvement in one area there is another area that has been mastered and is excellent.

        Makes one feel good to know they are improving and I see so much improvement in each persons submissions.

        So glad to be a part of this great group!


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          I came here after learning cloning and other basics of photo restoration for a couple of tutorials and trying a challenge. for everything else about image editing /
          manipulation / retouching I've learned it here. I've also found the most friendly and informative forum I've some across on the net. If this site hadn't been around, then I probably never would've got into photo restoration.