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  • Genealogy again!

    For those of you interested in genealogy, have you checked out this site? It allows you to upload photos with identifications. Just the thing that was discussed not long ago on this forum. There are several categories to wander through, so don't just take a quick look. No charge for the basics (uploads and more), but special options can be had for a fee ($25.00 yr.??). I just found the site, and I'll be exploring it further.


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    I've had my own website for several years now with general information about Scotland. Included is condensed historical information for 70 Scottish Clans (there are hundreds of them) with associated surnames. There are currently almost 2500 surnames listed at my site which have an association with those 70 clans. Happy hunting!



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      Thanks for the wealth of Scottish information Neve. It was fascinating. I'm always on the lookout for Scottish, Welsh, and English history that I can add to my genealogical stores.



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        Glad you liked my site and thanks for viewing. The surnames were all put together over time. I did my research online, at the libraries and from other books given to me by friends and family regarding associated surnames with the clans at my site. It was a lot of work at the time but very enjoyable. I'm just scratching the surface in relation to genealogy and all that that entails.



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          What a nice looking site!! There's a lot that would be of interest to people who couldn't care less about genealogy. For those of you in that category, it's worth taking a look at the site. Thanks for sharing, and for all the work it took to build it. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything about the MacLaughlins.



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            Thanks, Neve, for the link to your site. I will certainly pass it along to other Scottish researchers and remember it when I get ready to look for family there.

            I am tracking two surnames, Kinney and Eakins, who immigrated to the Americas from Ireland before 1850, but I suspect they may have been of Scottish descent earlier. I haven't been able to pinpoint them in Ireland yet. In fact since they immigrated through Canada I haven't gotten far at all. I just have to keep looking.



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              Hello Ed, thanks for your kind comments and I'm glad to say that MacLaughlin
              is listed as a sept name under CLAN MACLACHLAN on this page:-


              For Clan information go to this page:-


              ..from there you'll find a link to online Clan MacLachlan N.A. Society

              Further information about this Clan:-

              "From time immemorial the clan home has been Strathlachlan on the Cowal side of Loch Fyne, beside their neighbours, the MacEwens and Lamonts. Ancient tradition has it the three were originally founded by brothers, and these related by marriage, if not descent, to the ancient Kings of Ireland and Somerled Lords of the Isles. Their name may derive from that founder Lachlan, or from the O Loughlins, or from a later chief, Lachland Mor of the 13th century."



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                Hello MaryLynn,

                I found a slight mention of Eakins here re Clan Akins:-


                The names Aiken, Aitken, Atkin, Atkins all have a connection to Clan Gordon which is the closest I could find to Eakins.

                There's a MacKinney listed here at my site:-


                under Clan Mackenzie.

                I also have a reference guide I used to search however there's no listing for either name in it.

                Slainte and
                Happy Hunting


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                  Originally posted by Neve
                  Hello Ed, thanks for your kind comments and I'm glad to say that MacLaughlin
                  is listed as a sept name under CLAN MACLACHLAN
                  Great! That's on my wife's side of the family. A few people have done extensive work on that side, and I'm sure some of them will find that interesting. Thanks again!!



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                    My pleasure!


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