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Please help me save some $$$

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  • Please help me save some $$$

    I remember someone posting a URL where the Katrin Eismann book can be purchased for less than at Amazon or BN. And being the well organized, efficient person that I am, I faild to bookmark it. I've done an extensive search of all the forums and cannot find it.

    I would appreciate it someone could post it again.


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    I remember what you're talking about and I think it is one of those little tidbits buried in one of the forums somewhere. Amazon has the used book prices that are pretty reasonable. I'll see if I can find it myself.


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      i wonder if you're thinking of

      after that post i ordered the channel chops book for $9, great price. but i don't think the eisman book was in that post. but they may have it. worth a peek. i think jeanie was the origianl poster


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        I don't remember seeing that post, but some time ago I let everyone know about a price reduction by I'm not sure if that's the post you're referring to or not.



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          I think it might have been me who listed (like Kathleen said.) They don't always have great prices, but I usually set up my wish list so that I'm notified when a book that I want becomes available at the price I want to pay. Of course, if you want the book right away, that tactic might not work.

          You can also check out:
          Best Book Buys
          All Book Stores and
          These are all places that will go out and check a bunch of online stores for the best price available. I usually check all of them, as they seem to check slightly different ones. (And at least a couple of them include in their search.)

          Hope this helps, Jeanie