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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    I just wanted to make a quick stop in to wish all of my friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Our family has much to be thankful for this year, as in years past. Today we will agree to not buy Christmas gifts for each other. Instead, we will each be picking a name off of the "Giving Tree" in our local mall. It is a tree with the names of children who are likely to have a very lean Christmas due to no fault of their own. We will each buy some gifts for the child we pick. Some of our own children did this last year, and the feeling of satisfaction was great knowing that a difference was made in a child's Christmas. Here's hoping that others might also pick a name or simply help to make someone's Christmas a little brighter than would ordinarily be possible. Today is a day to enjoy each other's company, and reach out to others. Once again, a safe and happy holiday to all.


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    Could you give 'across the ponders' a brief rundown on what your giving 'thanks' for ?


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      I really like the idea your family are doing for Christmas. There should be more people like you in this world. We wouldn't have had a 9-11 disaster if that were the case.

      Thanksgiving originated with the Pilgrims who first landed on Plymouth Rock. They had suffered a great many tragedies from the actual crossing and the first winter in the new land. Many of them died because of sickness on the ship crossing and the winter was very harsh with little or no food stored for the cold months ahead. They eventually encountered the local indian tribes who taught them how to plant vegetables to prepare for the coming winter. When the fall harvest time came, they invited the indians to celebrate with them with a large feast. Just too bad their memories were short when it came to dealing with those indians in the future. Anyway, that's the basis for Thanksgiving, it's a time to give thanks for all that we have and it's best celebrated with many family members and friends. Now days, it's become a major food fest where the women do all the work and the men sit in front of the TV (telly) to watch the football game. I may catch alot of flack from the men on that remark. Just kidding guys, I know you all love to clean up afterwards.


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        I'm thankful that you have Andy and we don't. Seriously though, everyone has their own thoughts on what they should be thankful for. Most of the time it is for family and friends as well as many other things including good health. Personally, I'm thankful every day for what we have, not just on Thanksgiving. No matter how bad we sometimes think we've got it, there's always someone less fortunate, and that makes you humble. It is just too easy to take things for granted when you have them all the time, but I think they mean so much more when you realize what you've got. And Debbie had it right. Thanksgiving is traditionally a day of feast. Today we will have about 20 adults plus our grandchildren over for dinner. No, our house isn't *that* big, but we always manage.



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          Dj and Ed,

          Thanks for that lucid outline of your Thanksgiving I've often wondered if it was general or specific. I don't think we have a similar day over here I would say our New Year festivities are the nearest especially among the Scots who put more emphasis on New Year leaping about in strange costumes to the roar of bagpipes as they are wont ! I'm invited up there for the festivities this year.

          Whats this business about 'cleaning up' are you telling me you can re-use crockery I always thought you bought new. Always wondered what went on in those kitchens !


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            Only if you use paper plates and plastic silverware. I just did the dishes and boy were there alot of them. That's the only part I'm not too thankful for. Trying do work after all that pigging out is not an easy task.


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              I wish you all a happy thanksgiving. It's not celebrated in Australia although it sounds like something we should do as well. Hope you all have/have had a wonderful day.


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