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    I'm picking up my new (to me) car tomorrow. Some, especially my fellow Americans, might find it hard to believe that its been almost 15 years since I last owned a car. Anyway, I briefly toyed with the idea of getting personalized license plates (vanity plates) that would be relevant to RP and my career as a PS consultant/writer. I gave up due to the strict parameters my state has for these plates (no more than six characters, alphanumeric only, 1 hyphen or 1 space allowed).

    But I had fun trying to come up with something that made sense without being too abbreviated, and thought you might enjoy the challenge (and who knows, if I like it you may get your selection on my car).
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    How about "FOTO GY"?

    And, no I don't find it hard to believe you haven't owned a car for that length of time. I spent a number of years without one myself.


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