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  • Badtrans.B alert

    Be advised:
    I've been online for more than 5 years, belong to several genealogy lists and have a web page; I've never received the number of suspicious email/attachments as yesterday. Each had a different sender-unknown to me-and subject and most had a slight variation of the attachment. I don't open ANY unsolicited email especially with attachments and immediately deleted the offenders. By evening, when I'd receided at least six (6) of them, I went looking for some answers.
    Be especially alert you across the pond: it seems to be invading from Britain
    "The attachment is a DOC, MP3, or ZIP file, with a second extension of either SCR or PIF. For example, an attached file might be named Readme.doc.scr. "
    "The "B" variant of the W32/[email protected] virus has been attacking home and corporate PCs installed with Microsoft Outlook. It has initially been categorized as a medium risk, but is expected to reach high-risk levels by the end of Monday"
    " Badtrans.B behaves in a similar manner to the original, loading a password-stealing Trojan horse that can log keystrokes and reveal password and credit card information to malicious users. However, this version uses a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that automatically opens the e-mail attachments when previewed. Reports from all over the world state that this worm is spreading. Because the worm sends e-mail and automatically executes on some computers, Badtrans.B ranks a 6 on the ZDNet Virus Meter. "

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    Yep, I got my first one yesterday. It had no subject line, just "Re: ". Luckily Norton Antivirus caught it.

    Note: make sure you install the most recent patches to MSIE, whatever version you use
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      I just heard about this on the morning news. I'll be using Netscape for a while to open my mail because the body of the message doesn't open unless you open it.



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        Yup, the subject RE:...or Re:Re:seems to be one of it's hallmarks---and if the "Re:" references a typical topic form a list you belong to, sometimes curiousity might overcome usual care (especially in us with challenged memories (who sometimes forget each post we've ever made). For genealogy, the reference is to family/location, for restoration it could be to technique, software or anything to pique one's interest.
        I refuse to install/use Outlook for this very reason; it's commonality makes it a ripe target.


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          for anyone who has never seen

          I have heard people remark that they've never seen/received an infected email and wouldn't know one if they did. Soooooooo:

          Subj: Re:
          Date: 11/27/01 11:22:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
          From: [email protected] (George F. Bentley Jr.)
          To: [email protected]
          File: Pics.DOC.scr (29020 bytes)
          (color added by me for emphasis) It may look quite ordinary. It's supposed to.


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            Had a fair old bombardment of dodgy attachments a few weeks ago alas no examples to post. They seemed to have died away for the moment. I usually kill stuff on the server with one of the freeware programmes these days.