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    The more I read about everyones cats makes me think I had wierd ones. Mine were brothers one solid black (Sharky) and one siamese (Salem) and they were more like dogs disquised as cats. They loved attention from anyone and would actually fall at your feet if you looked at them. The black one was like a rag doll. I could actually wear him around my neck like a fur collar for hours. My siamese would stand up on his hind paws and tap someone sitting at the table on the shoulder to get their attention. As for climbing, they were fully clawed but I never had a problem with them climbing anything or clawing up anything. All I had to say is don't scratch that and they wouldn't. I knew cats in general were of a regal attitude but I think I wound up with something that only looked like cats. They lived 17 years and were a delight to watch with all their antics. I miss them and I think all this talk about cats lately brought back some great memories. To all the cat lovers on this site, I know how you feel. Even as strange as mine were they were cats and cats are extraordinary creatures aren't they?

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    Cats are strange, and siamese are strange for cats.

    Siamese are the most dog-like cats I've come across. I'm reading Lillian Jackson Braun "The cat who could read backwards" right now, about a siamese cat detective that capitalizes on that very characteristic.
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      I have a dog that has cat like tendencies, but I never knew of a cat with dog like tendencies! My dog plays with a tennis ball (it's his life), and he pounces on it like a cat would on a mouse. My sister had two siamese cats that were *mean*. They would attack anyone who happened to walk by. I think it is very unusual for a male cat to behave in the way Debbie's cats did. But it could be that I'm totally wrong again (as usual).



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        DJ, I don't think your cats were strange at all. We had a cat previous to these to who just LOVED people. When I got him (yes Ed, he was male) at 7 months old, he would literally follow me from room to room in the house. I had to be careful not to step on him if I turned around quickly. He always acted more like a dog than a cat to me. If we had a party, he was right there in the crowd. (I'll never forget having a BIG party with the majority of the people downstairs in the room with the pool table, music turned up - and the cat spent the night curled up under the pool table so he wouldn't "miss" any of the action. And what I loved most about his was that when I sat down on the couch to read, he would climb up behind me on the back of the couch and lie down on my shoulders - purring so loud I couldn't hear my husband talking to me from across the room. Unfortunately, we had to put him to sleep the day before I left for a 2-month trip to Viet Nam a year ago October.

        Our two new cats (we're pretty sure they're sisters) have different temperaments - one is more "independent" than the other. The one who is more cuddly will let me do anything to her - even cradle her like a baby and rub her stomach. But both of these cats are more playful than any we've had before. We've had lots of laughs in the house lately because of these two.

        Well, I could go on and on about our special cats, but don't want to bore all of you. -Jeanie


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          DJ, I have a question for you - when Salem reached up to tap someone for attention, did he ask "please pay attention to little ol' me" (doglike behavior ) or did he tell the person "Hey! I'm tired of being ignored and it's YOUR turn to amuse me." catlike behavior

          I had one cat, Hobbit, who never used her claws on furniture except for one time - I was busy doing something and had told her I was too busy to attend to her right then. I heard a ripping sound, and turned to see Hobbit sitting next to my sofa with one paw firmly planted in its material and her eyes directed to ME. I "heard" a message - "you have a choice, pay attention to me, or lose the sofa". She did not continue to rip the sofa while I quickly made a decision. I told her to stop and that I would feed her (or whatever else she wanted). She never bothered the sofa again. I never ignored her again.

          Ed, I have a dog who was a puppy surrounded by my several cats. He is now 13 years old and though he does not "pounce on balls", he is catlike in other ways. He does not 'beg', but he will sit in front of the refrigerator staring at me until I bring out his cheese slice. My other dogs jump around excitedly when it's time for a walk, but he simply goes to the door and places himself ready to be first in line - no begging, no doubt, just the assuredness of the cat.

          Jeanie, only a dog would be bored by talk about cats.
          It's great to watch cats play. Purring is one of their greatest "features"... and snuggling, and...
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            I'm reading Lillian Jackson Braun "The cat who could read backwards" right now, about a siamese cat detective that capitalizes on that very characteristic.
            I love the Cat Who books. I've read almost all of them. The town of Pickax reminds me of my own home town in the UP. Love that Cocoa's sleuthing abilities.

            Salem would just decide that his antics weren't being noticed to his expectations and would stand up and with an extended paw (this was just the height of a human shoulder in the sitting position) and he would commence to tap several times until he was responded to. I guess he figured a simple meow wasn't going to work where a direct assult would.


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              I'm just testing the "cat mystery book" genre, right now. I bought the first Mrs. Murphy, and the first Koko ("the cat who..."). I finished the Mrs. Murphy with ambivalent feelings. I just started the Koko book yesterday, so I won't be finished with it until this weekend.

              I liked the Mrs. Murphy movie better than the book. I don't think they've made any Koko movies yet.
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                have others observed the phenomenon of cats who object to human reading, namely, inserting themselves in your line of vision or, preferably, directly upon the reading matter itself?

                i think every one i've had has done this. jealous and illiterate boors, methinks


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                  Most definitely Kathleen! The classic one for me is when I want to read while lying in bed. I'm on my back with the book resting on my chest - and the cat nudges her nose under the book until she can get her whole head under and it's only a matter of seconds before she crawls up to give me a "kiss" on the nose - completely obliterating whatever reading material I might be holding.

                  Our two new cats however also object to me sitting at the computer. If I'm not diligent, they work their way up to the keyboard tray and lie down on the keyboard. If I AM diligent and am able to keep them on my lap, they will swat at my hands (and sometimes gnaw on them) while I type. They're not stupid - they know who their competition is.



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                    Not with my cats but my dog purposely puts her head right in my book or magazine when I'm reading and she does it everytime I'm reading. Must be a jealousy of time thing that all pets pick up on.


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                      My cat Maxine lays on top of my monitor for hours, it's only when she rolls over and falls off that I remember she's there. When she does fall off it's usually my fault, I must have moved the monitor or something. Then it's trouble, she usually won't leave me alone and just has to sit on the keyboard untill I've apologized enough to satisfy her. She also hates me reading the newspaper she always comes and sits right in the middle of it swishing her tail to cover more just incase I was reading somewhere she missed with her body. Cats are wonderful creatures and certainly have a mind of their own, you can call a dog an it will come( most of the time) but call a cat and you get that icy cold look saying "so what do you want? do you think I'm a dog or something?" I just love cats.


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                        What a great thread.

                        All my cats are/were readers. I never could read a paper or book or write at my desk without attacting the cats who wanted to take over what I was doing. They also like/liked to write. Every pen became their toy.

                        One of my current cats, Kitty Cat, also likes to use the computer. She walks on the keyboard and grabs my Wacom pen.

                        It's so nice to read about all of your pets. All of the cats I've owned are adoptees and are problem cats. I like to take the ones, who for various reasons, are considered unadoptable. So my cats always have had emotional or physical problems. But each of them, in their own ways, have given us joy, along with their problems, and have been loving, wonderful pets.

                        Thanks, DJ, for starting this thread and remember -------------------------------

                        "I'm only a cat and I stay in my place...

                        Up there on your bed or your chair or your face...

                        I'm only a cat and I don't finick much...

                        I'm happy with cream and anchovies and such...

                        I'm only a cat and we'll get along fine...

                        As long as you know, I'm not yours...

                        You're all MINE


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                            When I went to PetsMart this week, I found that Morris the (TV commercial) Cat was scheduled to appear there in an hour for portraits with customers. I ran some errands nearby and returned to the store in time to see his limosine arrive. He stayed inside his chauffeured limo (actually, inside his carrier which was inside his limo) while his helpers set up his portrait background and his chair. When the little girl in front of me sat for her picture with Morris, he raised his paw and waved (at the feather used to get his attention) - which was great timing to give the girl a special portrait.

                            Yes, I sat for a picture also - after all, I sat for a portrait with Little Nipper last year, so I had to even things out.


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                              I thought Morris died a year or so ago. Guess not, unless they are doing a Lassie thing with him. Bet that was pretty neat anyway.


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