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Mt. Saint Helens -- photos

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  • Mt. Saint Helens -- photos

    (It's a static webpage, so even Gary can see it, I think )
    Look down to the middle of the page to see photos from "a research camera about 2.3 kilometers (1.5 miles) from the vent caught the root of the plume as the eruption began. This camera takes an image every 2.5 minutes. Presented here are three images, the first showing the dome on the morning of March 8, 2005, and the next two during the event."

    Some more choices -- some are too big for some folks to download easily
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    Thanks for the pics! Out here in Germany I hadn't even yet seen anything about it yet. And not much of a News watcher really.



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      I'm a little jaded

      I lived less than 50 miles from St. Helens when it "seriously blew" in 1980. The "big eruption" was preceded by several smaller ones that were larger in scale and intensity than this most recent event.

      Since then I've driven past (what's left of) this mountain at least 100 times en route from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon, and each time I'm still awed by nature's majesty and power. It is indeed a humbling sight.


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        Well, it made the news here. Great shots CJ. Yes, even on my tortoise like connection they display well. Hope it's just a minor event, not a full blown eruption. If any such event can be called minor.


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