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  • Trips to put you in a Christmas mood

    I caught part of a TV special on some of the botanical gardens which were dressed up for Christmas, and I thought I'd pass this along.
    The MO botanical gardens in St. Louis was one of the gardens featured, and I know there are at least two of you from St. Louis. This looked like an excellent place to go for all ages, and there are places for kids to stick their heads through an opening for some cool photographs. The kids should love it, as should adults. I've been there, but not during the Christmas season.
    The Chicago botanical gardens was also featured, but it was incorrectly stated that it was in Chicago. I think it is actually in Glencoe,IL which is not far out of Chicago. The scenes I saw were night scenes in the gardens. Everything is dressed in holiday style, and you can take a ride through the gardens in a horse drawn carriage. The night scenery is fantastic with everything lit up for the season. If I went, this would be my preferred time to go. I didn't see anything specific for kids, but I'm sure they would enjoy it very much. I've also been there, but again not during the season.
    There were some other gardens decorated for the holidays, and they showed one in the southwest, although I don't recall the name of it. This one was fully illuminated on the walkways with luminaries. It also looked to be a great way to spend a few hours.
    If you're looking for something special to do with your family during the season, check around your area for gardens dressed in holiday attire. I doubt that you can go wrong unless you forget your camera.


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    Two of us?!? (looks around)

    It's kind of embarrassing to get a tip about my own backyard from an out-of-towner, but thanks. Mobot is world-famous, and I try to get there at least a couple of times a year, but it never occured to go during the holiday season.

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      Makes me wonder if maybe Busch Gardens near Orlando Florida might do the same thing for the holidays too. I know Botanical Gardens are pretty in the regular season, but I never even thought about them during the Christmas seasons. Bet that's something to see. Good idea Ed.


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        In Phoenix, Arizona --
        the Desert Botanical Garden offers "Las Noches de Las Luminarias" in early December.

        Each evening of the 24th Annual Las Noches de Las Luminarias musical groups are stationed throughout the Garden paths, which are lined with more than 7,000 twinkling luminarias. Strolling at their own pace, attendees listen to music, experience the uniqueness of the candlelit Garden, and enjoy complimentary hot apple cider and cookies.

        The Phoenix Zoo puts up Christmas lights and opens for visitors at night during the holidays. I missed the Botanical Garden event, so maybe I'll get to the zoo.


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          I went down to the Denver Botanical Gardens a couple of nights ago and was blown away with how well they had decorated with the lights! It was all outside and the lights were spectacular. They had ropes up across the walkways where they hadn't decorated anything, so it was impossible to get "lost" in the dark. My favorite two "sights" were the huge willow trees where they had taken strings of red and white lights and just let them fall from the tops of the branches - like a colorful "waterfall". Also, they had used "icicle lights" to decorate the horizontal branches of a fir tree (one of the one with graceful sloping branches - not sure of the exact name.) It was one of the best ideas I've seen for using those icicle lights. Plus, they had hot cider or chocolate and a handbell choir playing carols. Well worth the 3-hour round trip drive!! -Jeanie


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            I just caught part of the program again, and thought I'd ressurect this thread. The gardens in the southwest is the Desert Botanical Gardens, in or near Phoenix, AZ. I'm not sure if it's too late in the season to catch some of these, so if you're interested, it might be a good idea to call before leaving home.



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              I completely forgot about this thread Ed! I did go to the Denver Botanical Gardens again - this time with my camera. I've attached one shot I took. (Actually, I had to "fill" the pond with water digitally b/c they had it drained this year. The lights are still spectacular though!) In fact, the lighted tree that was added to the Decorations Art Tag challenge was another picture of mine from the Denver Gardens.

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                Nice shot Jeanie. It looks like it was worth going to. I forgot about this thread too, until I caught the last part of the program today.



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