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how/where search for this photo?

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  • how/where search for this photo?

    i saw a photo many years ago, prob. 60's, in a photography book, thought it was the family of man, but it's not, i looked there.

    i seem to think it was in poland, post wwII. a 4 yr old boy sitting on front steps, wearing cap, long coat, wornout shoes, clutching a new pair to his chest and looking up with an expression of unforgettable joy. (looked a little like the right side uncle in the uncles challenge)

    i did a google image search to no avail; does any one else have any suggestions on how or where to search? or even, has anyone else ever seen this photo?

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    That's a tough one. I've not seen the photo, and all I can suggest is try altavista's image seach, it has many sources google does not. Additionally, try, since they own a lot of famous photos.
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      hey doug

      that's good to know. thanks. wish me luck


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