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  • restoring christmas

    giving any photoshop/psp generated gifts this Christmas?

    I've got several projects underway: retouch of a wedding photo for my kids, a cotton patch reunion recombination of 3 - 70+ yr. olds who grew up picking cotton together (only 2 posed in the patch), several family tree things where i'm restoring as i add the generations. ink will prob. still be wet when i present.

    but if you're sufficiently sneaky with camera or old photo thievery, there is no shortage of gift solutions this vocation/avocation provides. a good thing

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    I was going to make some manipulated photos as comical gifts. Showing the recipients face in unique and funny settings etc.


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      I don't know if there's time left for mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, etc. (all the traditional things we put photos on) but there's plenty of time left to make those "flipbook" albums (the popularity of which I'll never understand, but I certainly can't deny). A flipbook burned to a CD-ROM included in a card (or tucked inside another present) would be an excellent present.

      There's also freeware screensaver-making software out there.

      But certainly non-computer-requiring presents would have a wider appeal.
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        I've made a collage of photos of my mother in-law for my sister-in law for Christmas. The photos start from just before she was married in her early 20's to just before she passed away in her 80's. My sister in-law already has the collage as we won't be seeing her at Christmas time and was thrilled with it. She suggested I use it on my web site as part of my port folio. If you would like to see it's here.


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          All very good ideas, none of which I've been busy on. Sandra, that's a very nice collage you did of your mother-in-law. It's something that will certainly be appreciated.



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            hey sandra

            that's a good idea, i've been thinking about doing something like that too. i think it's endlessly fascinating to see records of the growth and changes in a face over time, and you've got most of the gamut for your mother-in-law; no wonder you sis-in-law treasures it.


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              I never heard of a "flipbook". Can you enlighten me?
              What I have been doing for some gifts is
              making heirlom(sp?)ornaments from snapshots that I "cleanup". You can get some really nice oval metallic frames now and with a pretty bow and the retouched photo they look real nice.


              A beautiful collage. What a great gift idea for very special people.
              I did something on a smaller scale once for a friend that I've had since childhood. I have pictures of the both of us taken through the years. Another nice thing might be to do this with a couple .
              Need a few more hours in the day this month. My husband asked me yesterday if I have some kind of sentimental attachment to the month of November since I still had that calendar page up on my desk!

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                Sorry, they're really called "FlipAlbums", and the link is here
                (and I see our own Mick Brown has an endorsement quote there)
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                  Thanks Doug.
                  Took a quick look at it and plan to go back to it later. What a good way to archive a family history or a special event.



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                    If you (or anyone) decide to get it, and if Amazon's price is acceptable, I'd appreciate it if you'd use this link to purchase it.
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                      I've been busy on a few PS projects for Christmas presents. A couple of restorations which are almost done. Plus, my aunt prefers pen & ink sketches to photos, so I'm hoping I can find one of my photos that might look good as a "sketch" and try running some PS filters on it to see if I can create something she might like. That will be my most "creative" venture this Christmas, I think.


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                        Again this year, the majority of my Christmas gifts are photo-related. In the past I've made several collages with various themes, and given restored photos of generations past. This year I'm doing album CD's. I've too many photos to print, and with such a large and spread out family, this is a good way to give all family members a chance to see the photos, past and recent.
                        Around here--central NJ--the Spring flowers are up and starting to bloom. The dogwood and cherry blossoms are blooming as well. We had a frost this morning, but it's due to be warm again by mid-week. I know some of you are used to Spring-time weather for Christmas, but we aren't!


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                          Christmas in Australia means summer. It's started to get quite hot this week and looks like it's going to be a typical Christmas spent beside or in the pool. I miss the times when I was young and we had hot Christmas dinners but there's no way I'm cooking in the heat of our Christmas day so it's cold meats and salad for us here.


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