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    Tim Adams did a nice manipulation challenge incorporating various famous artists material. That gave me the idea that since we are all basically artists here, it would be interesting to see whos artwork you admire most and may even be influenced by.
    I have always liked the art works of M.C. Escher for his interesting use of positive and negative space and how he fools the eyes with his work and the intricate detail he puts into his artwork. Another of my favorites is Salvador Dali. Although his surrealism can be a bit strange and I can't say I like all his paintings, I do like his ability to capture almost photographic perfection in his details.
    Are there any artists you like alot and that includes all types of artists not just painters?

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    Hey, DJ,

    I went through a long Edward Hopper phase...loved his use of lighting. in some of his works, so warm and natural you almost want to lick the light off the canvass. (Not recommended, though!) Eventually, his stark depiction of people became too depressing. Stare at them long enough and you become catatonic.

    I've always been fascinated with the eerie, mysterious works of Albert Pinkham Ryder. Along the same lines, Ralph Blakelock. Both are masters of light and shadow.

    Always liked the soft, diffused textures in the works of artists like William Glackens and Childe Hassam. As you can tell, I lean toward 19th century American painters.

    Lately I've actually caught myself admiring some of the works of the abstract expressionists, such as De Kooning. If nothing else, the colors are interesting.

    Speaking of color, did I mention Georgia O'Keefe? That lady really knew how to use color. Her straight forward, seemingly simple designs carry tremendous impact.
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      Photography as an art

      I don't consider myself to be one who knows an awful lot about art. But I do know what I like. I guess the people who have made major impressions on me are mostly photographers, and I think their skills should be characterized as an art form. The one who comes to mind immediately is Dorothea Lange. She had an uncanny ability to make the viewer of her images feel as though they were being drawn into the heart and soul of her subjects. Much of her work had to do with the people of the great depression, and when I see her images, I feel the anguish and hardship of the subjects, who usually appear to be a proud people despite the unfortunate circumstances. IMHO she was a great and dedicated photographer of people, and her work is nothing short of art.



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        I like Rothko, Kandinsky and Klee.


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          I was refering to artists of all mediums, whether that be oils, watercolor, clay, photography or anything, it's still an artform.


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            DJ - this is a brilliant idea for a thread. What about if people post URLs of sites where their favourite artists' work can be seen? That way, we can all learn something new about these artists.

            I have so many names on my list, I wouldn't know where to begin, but here's a few (not in any particular order): George Stubbs & Alfred Munnings (horses), David Hockney (photo montages), Edward Monet, Hilary Kashiri (contemporary Zimbabwean painter), Berry Bickle (multi-talented, multi-media artist, also Zimbabwean), Viyé Diba (Senegalese), Vivienne Dadour (Australian), Raoul Dufy, Pablo Picasso, several photographers - I like Julia Margaret Cameron's portraits.

            And on and on ...

            Will have to do some research on the URLs ...



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              Edward Weston, Minor White, David Muench, William Mortensen, Terry Gilliam
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                Here's kind of a cool link to a virtual art museum...


                Lots of fairly high quality images.


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                  And here's another...


                  I must say I prefer drawings to paint but Rembrandt and Turner were masters of both mediums. In the photography department too many to mention but Walker Evans and Brassai are near the top.


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                    There's an artist named Sorayama that is absolutely amazing. There's some nudity, but then, there's nudity in all kinds of art. You can be the judge.



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                      Chris - that link of yours is excellent ... I'm going to indulge myself and spend some time there RIGHT NOW!

                      Turner - that's the man - knew I'd missed an important someone out! What a genius ... [sigh]


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                        Interested to see Stubbs in your list. I'm not a great fan of horses after a trip to a friends stables in Eire resulted in me playing a similar role to Ben Hur's competitors in the chariot race !
                        This was reinforced by a trip down a precipitous mountainside in Crete on the back of a mule (wooden saddle) some years ago.


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                          My mother has always been a Stubbs fanatic, so I suppose it rubbed off on me ... and I was lucky enough to see a very comprehensive exhibition of his work at the Tate back in ... oh, mid 80's I suppose. It's not just his rendition of the equine species, but also his beautiful compositions, colours & tones, light etc.

                          Yes, horses do have that effect on some people - seems you either love 'em or hate 'em!


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                            How could I possibly forget Norman Rockwell? There's an artist whose work I can understand, and I don't have to look at it all day trying to figure out the hidden message.



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                              I wouldn’t worry about ‘the message’ Ed even the artists are baffled………….

                              To quote Turner “He (Ruskin) sees more in my paintings than I ever painted”


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