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  • Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to any mothers or soon to be mothers here! What did everyone get thier mom?!

    My Mom says to me Thursday "You know Sunday is mothers day?!" and I go "Don't you think I know that already?!" and I go "What do you want?!" and she goes "Nothing."

    Why the hell do SOME women have to be so cryptic?! Notice I said some.. don't want to get in any arguments hehe.. I know some women can be sane. Just tell me what you want and I'll go get it. Give me some ideas to work with.

    So she says a cheesesteak from Philadelphia. Philadelphia is like 1 to 1.5 hour drive from my house. So, I used some photoshop skills and some graphics around the net and I made her a mother's day card with a bear and some hearts and a rainbow and on the back was a coupon good for one trip to Philly for cheesesteaks.

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    On the other hand, maybe what your Mom really wants from you is for you to say, I'm really glad you're my Mom!

    What mother didn't watch Doctor Phil the other day and wish their kids had written in so they could win that car

    Anyway, thanks for the good wishes, and I'd like to pass them on to everyone else,



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      I'm so lucky! My son doesn't have to ask what I want. He knows. He gives me things like a recent photograph (framed) or two tickets to a musical or play (great orchestra seats), or he'll call the local florist (where he knows the flowers are fresh and the florist knows what kind of flowers I like) and in addition to flowers he will ask the florist to pick up a bottle of German Kabinet wine, chill it down in her refrigerators and deliver it with the bouque.

      He knows my tast in music and might send me the latest Josh Groban album, or a good DVD. Or he'll send me a gift certificate for the Apple iTunes music store.

      He _always_ calls AND sends a card. He's 3000 miles away, but I can always feel him close by. He never fails to tell me in many different ways how much he loves me.

      Thank you, God for giving me such a thoughtful loving son!


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        I know things my Mom would like.. she !never! uses them. Same thing with her husband.

        Out of all the things I have bought her I only saw her use one.. an electric teapot and that's only because I accidentally left the normal tea kettle on the stove too long, all the water burnt out, and the tea kettle got burnt and ruined.


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