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On the subject of cats AND artists

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  • On the subject of cats AND artists

    while i was @ my folks over thanksgiving, i leafed through a book they had borrowed; had it been their's i would have begged it away from them.

    called "impressionist cats" it begs to be featured here as it ties together so many threads: cats and their natures, art, and transforming works of art. any major impressionist work you can think of that features humans is in there, with the humans transformed to cats. van gogh's self portrait, a kitty nude (and somehow, she comes across as nude, tho tis normal kitty attire) a monet or renoir of a waltzing couple, one of two card players - i can't connect all the artists names to their paintings, but all were instantly recognizable. really a hoot. i see on amazon it is out of print, to my sorrow. worth whatever they would have asked in pure visual delight.

    just found this link for that and several other of her works that i wasn't aware - click on links toward bottom of page
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    That fits perfectly with the recent posts! I have a daughter who *loves* cats, and I'm going to send her the link. Thanks.



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      That's a cute link Kahtleen. You know, I swear I've seen them before too but I don't know where. You're right, it fits right in with our topics of interest here.