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    Do you listen to music while you work on images? I do. Always.

    What do you listen to, and how?

    I'll usually listen to MSN radio (internet radio), usually one of their "new age" stations. I've grown to be a fan of their programming.

    So, do you jam or bliss out?
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    I find traditional Celtic music played on period insturments and Traditional American folk songs by the likes of Burl Ives, Leadbelly, etc. to be refreshing. I usually listen to it off either 33 1/3 or 78 rpm albums or tape. Tom


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      I was a massage therapist in another life and still love all of the music I played during massage sessions, so I tend to listen to the same CD's while I'm working on a photo. I put the CD in my husband's computer, since it has better speakers than mine (and it's in the same room.) Some of my favorites:

      Peacemaker's Journey - Joanne Shenandoah
      Life Blood - Joanne Shenandoah & Peter Kater
      Canyon Lullaby - Paul Winter (soprano sax solos in the Grand Canyon)
      Canyon Spirit - John Huling (Native American flute)
      Through High Places - Calvin Jones (solo piano)
      Reflections - Craig Monticone (solo piano)
      The Painter - John Boswell (solo piano)
      And when I'm in an upbeat mood:
      Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary (as in "place of refuge")

      And sometimes (a lot of the time actually), I work in silence.


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        I've always enjoyed working to music (don't know if it makes me work any better or not) and generally choose classical music for anything delicate like photo retouching or something upbeat if I'm in a whacky, expansive, artistic mood - my taste in music is pretty broad.


        Beethoven (piano sonatas)
        Mozart (anything)
        Puccini (operas)
        Rachmaninov (piano concertos)
        Billy Joel
        Peter Gabriel
        Oliver Mtukudzi
        Simply Red
        Tears for Fears
        Sheryl Crow
        The Corrs
        Movie soundtracks, like The English Patient, Braveheart, Out of Africa, Shine, Titanic

        Okay, so I'm old-fashioned and middle-of-the-road ... so what?


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          I tried your link, and signed in. When I tried to play a station, it kept telling me it was having connecting problems. I tried seven different stations. Is this typical? It looks like a great site (if it works!).

          Okay, now to the question at hand. It depends what kind of mood I'm in as to what I listen to. Mostly though, if I'm doing Photoshop work, it will tend to be something on the soft side, or maybe blues, or maybe nothing at all. Fast paced stuff doesn't seem to go along with Photoshop work, although I do enjoy some of that too!



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            Ummmm...........think I'm the odd one out.
            I mostly listen to "Live' or similar when Photoshop's open.


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              Here is another "Live" listener, love them!....Fleetwood Mac (any) Bad Company (any) and believe it or not...Toby Keith. I drive my husband crazy because these are my 4 favorite groups and I listen to them loud and over and over again! My husband is a singer and cannot fathom listening to the same over and over but I like it and it really is relaxing for me!


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                sports on tv
                utter silence (your Mom made you turn off the music while studying)
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