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  • Greetings to Everybody

    From a wet and misty England may I extend to all contributors, members and mere voyeurs of this site Christmas greetings and great good fortune in the New Year. To everybody who has educated, informed and most importantly kept me amused in the past three months I extend gold plated greetings and to our North American friends to whom 01 has been particularly turbulent year my commiserations.

    The attached is the 2001 Lifeboat Christmas card which I hope amuses you.
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    Neat card! Happy Holidays ...Tom


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      Warm and wet greetings for a happy holiday from Balmy South Florida. No snow yet but we're hoping. Supposed to get down to the 50s so we might be able to light a fire in the fireplace. If not, we'll turn on the AC and light it anyway. Love the cute card Chris.


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        Cool card Chris! A joyous holiday to all, and may the new year bring with it stability and happiness for this planet we live on.



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          Holiday grettings from Washington State (pacific NW)! Cold and wet here but we will go play in the snow this week at Stevens Pass (30 minutes away) guess that will have to do I got talked into intertubing last year...was bruised for a week!


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            Intertubing ?


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              Holiday Greetings to all from Dayton, Ohio, where we are having a *white* Christmas!


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                Merry Christmas to all!!

                We are having a mini Christmas here. Light snow but pretty. Hope all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!



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                  I meant mini white Christmas.


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                    Chris, sorry....
                    Inner-tubing, ( the rubber inside of a tire that is blown up) and the ski area's now have runs just for this purpose. There is a tow rope that pulls you up the hills as you sit on top of the tire tube and then you barrel down the hill! Fun but I am to old to not worry about crashing (bruising!) My family on the other hand has no fear, no worry... and love it!
                    Merry Christmas to this great group of people


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                      Greetings from hot and sunny Sydney. We're experiencing terrible bush fires not far from us at the moment. The weather is not helping it's been very hot, around 34 deg C, with hot gusty winds. Not the best conditions for Christmas but still a time to be thankful.My thoughts and prayers are for the brave firefighters who are battling the flames.
                      I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.


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                        Holiday greetings from "fairly warm" and dry Colorado. (There's a few patches of snow around, but you really have to look for them.)

                        May you and your families be blessed with health and happiness in the year to come. And may we all "be" the peace we wish for the world.



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                          Jill, your recent post has put at rest the deep seated fears of a local waterside community. While sailing Lake Windermere many years ago I was able to photo a strange disturbance in the water and the attached snap has caused fear and controversy to rage around this normally peaceful community ever since.. Your mention of the cult of the inner tube has obviously some connection with this very photo, and proves conclusively the origins of the cult in our own native waters. This mystical image obviously shows a high priest of the cult performing some ancient rite or sacrifice, the large size of the inner tube denoting his status.
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                            LOL! That is great That is a monster!


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                              I like your card and thanks for you kind comments.

                              The best for the New Year to you and all the others in this forum.

                              Are you a history buff?? I follow history in general, but I'm most interested in the period of American History between 1750-1850. I've read about 20 books about this period and I have as many in waiting. I'm planning on expanding my studies to include British history of the same period and how it relates to their policies toward the Colonies.



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