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Congratulations to Shan Canfield

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  • Congratulations to Shan Canfield

    I was just thumbing through the latest issue (Nov/Dec 2001) of Mac Design magazine and came across an image by our own Shan Canfield in their "Digital Canvas" section (page 98). An excellent illustration titled "Faery Shades".

    Congratulations, Shan, on the recognition for a great job (plus it's a cool image).
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    I haven't seen it but I too wish to extend a big congrats to you Shan. That's an excellent achievement. I'm green with envy.


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      Way to go, Shan!! Congrats on an excellent accomplishment. Tom


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        Thanks Doug,DJ and Thomas! In case anyone is interested...I used a black & white photo I took of my daughter, Nora for the main shot and then I used a photo I shot of my other daughter Shayna (the faery) to composite and duplicate in the sunglasses. The photo borders, curl, shadows and "Epson" logo type were created from scratch in PhotoShop and a "Screen Capture" of the Layers palette Adjustment Layers was used as the background. (There's a larger version of this on my website in the gallery I section. FYI: Nora is a natural Red Head (not multicolored) and she has blue eyes (not yellow). This piece is an offshoot from one of my downloadable tutorials that comes with the b&w image of Nora and a PDF tutorial on how to colorize a Black & White with Adjustment Layers. You need Stuffit Expander to unstuff this folder. It's called "From black & White to Color" and can be downloaded from the Tutorials Section of my
        Doug, with the thousands of participants on your website, I'm amazed at your memory and being able to connect my image in MacDesign back to me! Anyway, thanks for the email!


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