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  • What do you do?

    It's been awhile since anyone has started a thread like this, so I thought maybe it was time to revisit the subject? What is/was your primary career?

    I techedit and revise books, mostly about Photoshop and Elements, for most of the major publishers. Until a month or so ago I also wrote a monthly magazine column about Photoshop. This is my 3rd career. In previous lives I was Marketing Manager for some mid-bubble tech companies, and before that I owned a wholesale photo supplies company.

    What do you do?
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Decided school was too slow and boring. Went into food service doing loads of various things.

    Eventually became a janitor. Being a janitor was kind of weird. Not only does it pay very well, but I had access to lots of things that even trusted managers didn't have access to. Not that I would abuse, mind you.

    I believe that janitors wield tons of power. How did David Banner keep tabs on Bruce? By being a janitor. How did Mystique escape Lady Deathstrike? By posing as a janitor. How did Jack Teller case the joint? Janitor. And the list goes on.

    In between all of that I did a wide variety of free-lancing.

    But these past few years I've been a stay-at-home dad. My girlies can be monsters, but I won't give them up for job. Maybe when our youngest is in school I might start snooping around the corporate world. Until then, I'll keep doing the dishes and laundry.


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      Good on ya, honourable "profession". Most of my life I was involved in corporate purchasing and materials management in Ontario, Canada. I "totally" hated the corporate invironment and after the company closed and moved back to the States, I had a choice of staying in Ontario and getting another job or go for the gusto and and a major "life change".
      On the spur of the moment I told my wife that I was taking the weekend flight to Vancouver Island. To cut a short story shorter, there being no industry per se, I got into media sales, first radio then TV. We've been out here now 13 years and would not live "anywhere" else in the world..'cept maybe New Zealand where they shot Lord of the Rings.
      But it was the TV sales that got me into creating ads, picture taking, manipulation, that ultimately led me to RetouchPro, a discovery that has been as life altering as anything else.
      I love being part of this forum and encourage anyone to express themselves openly and don't let anyone try to shut you matter how off center "we" think your views are.




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        I graduated with a major in choral music and minor in English so I went into teaching for five years. Mercifully, I didn't stay in the profession because I didn't have the determination and self-discipline needed.

        Since then I've been in a lot of clerical type jobs using office skills I absolutely hated in high school. Most of my "occupations" were learned on the job, not something you could get special training for.

        During my twelve years in senior services, I gained my computer skills maintaining membership databases, special events accounting, newsletter editing and general bookkeeping. Being self taught, I learned to ask, "What happens if . . .?"

        I'm now semi-retired, doing bookkeeping for two veterinary clinics and a small non-profit youth agency. Musicians make good bookkeepers--we can count to four lots of times!


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          Left school into Merchant Navy to train as a Deck Officer, sat my papers, and qualified. Shortly after got laid off in the massive fleet downsizing of the 1970's.

          Went back to college and trained in Electronics and Telecomms, worked for BBC, NEC and Sony in various engineering capacities. Also did some time in PC repair and Alarm Tech Support.

          Made redundant about 10 years ago, and now I'm a freelance trucker.

          Discovered RP, and have really enjoyed learning, amid all the friendly people here. I'm still amazed by the talent and abilities of all who contribute, long may it remain so.


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            Obtained a BS degree in Elementary Education in 1963 from Florida State University. Minored in graphic arts.

            Married right out of college and joined the ranks of "Career Army Officer's Wives" and camp followed my husband through 22 moves and 3 separated tours (he was an Army helicopter pilot during Vietnam). Never really had a "Job". Who's gonna hire when you can't guarentee you'll be there six weeks later?

            Full time mom from 1968-1979. Divorced in 1979 and moved back to the "swamps" of south Florida. Worked in a golf pro shop for a couple years then fell into a job selling advertising specialties as an independent contractor. Opened my own ad specialty business in 1988.

            Began doing computer grapics in the middle 80's as an added service for my ad specialty customers in order to render their art for imprint on coffee cups, pens, keytags etc. Was working on an Atari ST using a Mac emulator until I purchased my first Mac in 1993. Most all my art at that time required vector format. I won a copy of Adobe Photoshop in a contest on GEnie in the late 80's and never really had need to use it, but after buying a Mac started playing with it. I still mainly used it to scan stuff that I would later run through Adobe Streamline or hand draw in FreeHand for customer art output.

            About six years ago, the Chamber of Commerce ask us (my significant other, who owns a print shop, and me) if would would like to do their membership directory and visitor's guide book. Of course we said yes... LOL. I became the "art director" and John became the "editor/Publisher". I sold and created ads for the book as well as all the scans, color corrections and effects for the book. No more "playing" with PhotoShop!! John did all the typeset and layout (using Pagemaker at that time). It was a 54 page full color book 5.5 x 8.5 (manual size). We've since done two more books for the Chamber and this fall will launch into a new edition which will probably be 72 pages.

            This book generated business doing brochures and full color ads for businesses and quasi-governmental agencies in the county. I still do ad specialties, but the "ad agency" type work is taking up more and more of my time and effort. Adobe CS is the heart of my work flow.

            Some may consider me a "pro" since I make a living with PhotoShop (and many other graphic tools), but I'm still learning every day. Many thanks to the folks here in RTP who are willing to share tips and techniques and help learn more and more. :-)



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              After graduating from high school I started down the tracks to become some sort of engineer, but the math and science finally got too intense and I switched my major to education. After deciding teaching wasn't going to be my thing I took a hiatus from college and accepted a management position with the retail grocery company for whom I'd worked since high school.

              After this company went broke, I went back to community college and learned the basics of computer programming. After about 15 years of working with "mainframe computers" in various positions for government and private industry employers, I landed a job at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. There I worked in various positions, e.g., programmer, operations supervisor, project manager, etc., for nearly eight years.

              My current responsibility is playing "Mr. Mom" (aka: "The Taxi Driver") for my two children. Without a doubt it's the best job I've ever had. My wife continues to work most likely because the prospect of spending a lot of time at home with me isn't that appealing, and who could blame her. I'm active in my church working on various projects.


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                One thing strikes me as I read the bios of all the talented folks here-not a one has taken the "straight path" to their present destination! I have always assumed I was the odd man out when it came to career paths, but now I see that I have very good company indeed.

                I have been a police dispatcher/9-1-1 operator working midnights for the past 10+ years. I love the variety, hate the hours. This job is as far away from anything artistic you could possibly find.

                I was the office manager for a mental health and drug/alcohol treatment facility for a couple of years before I took this job. I liked the hours, but the job was pretty thankless, to be honest.

                My first "real" job was as a Russian Linguist in the US Air Force for 9 years. That gave me the opportunity to see a large part of the world, as I was stationed in Germany, Italy and England during my enlistment. Each of my four kids was born in a different country, so my husband and I joke that we can never leave the country again for fear of having number five.

                My interest in Photoshop is purely an accident. Not even sure how it came about except my brother showed me a bit of what I could do and I took it from there. I would love to work in a career field that affords me the opportunity to be a bit more artistic, but sometimes just having a steady job trumps our heart's desires.


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                  Well, I went to college and got a degree in Mass Communications concentrating in video and television production. Did shooting and editing for various companies for a while then along came computer graphics that didn't require a Hollywood budget. I saw a piece of video where someone was using a graphics tablet to rearrange the New York City skyline. I was hooked and needed to know more.

                  The company I was working for obtained some basic 3D animation software and my graphics career began. Slowly, over the next couple of years, I transitioned my career from field production, to post-production and started designing motion graphics for video and television. Photoshop soon became a staple of my toolset. I use it every day. I still love taking an image and altering it to create a new, believable reality.

                  In addition to my day job doing motion graphics, I also freelance doing just about anything graphics related. I find retouching and restoring fascinating because of my interest in altering and creating reality. Only with restoration it's kind of in reverse. You take a damaged image and alter its current reality by transforming it into what its reality used to be, or in some cases, what it should, could or might have been.

                  I've been working with computers since before there even was color, and I've been designing graphics for about 12 or 13 years now.



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                    After reading through your submissions I feel I've wandered into another world.

                    I left school at 14 to pursue a career as a Carpenter, but somehow ended up trade qualified as a panel beater, go figure!

                    Gave panel beating away when I married and was employed as Warehouse manager for Angus & Robertson publishers for 10 years till they joined Collins Publishers in 1991 and moved to a new location leaving over 100 people redundant.

                    Since then I have divorced, worked in a variety of positions and generally gave my little sister something to worry about.

                    For the past few years, and for the foreseeable future, I'm Warehouse manager for a wholesale importer/supplier of adult novelties. Yes, all those toys and odds and ends that intrude on wholesome internet browsing, we supply to the retail outlets, party planners and web distributors.

                    Someone has too.



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                      Originally posted by Paris
                      Someone has to.
                      Now I understand the discrete brown-paper bag avatar!


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                        Too funny, with the brown paper bag. I thought you might be a Tampa Bay Bucs fan... LOL


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                          Paris must get a lot of interesting perks from his company!



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                            Wow so many talented people and varied occupations.
                            I completed my Dip Tch in 1977, began teaching shop (yes woodwork and metalwork) in 1978. Married, had 2 kids and divorced, and continued in a job that I disliked at best and loathed at worst. Have tried a few other things since then but am also a Marriage Celebrant (since 1995). I stumbled into Retouching and am on my "L" plates but am looking forward to learning here.


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                              Hi Wendy,

                              Welcome to RP. We've got a lot of Aussie contributors here, so you should feel right at home.

                              Don't worry about being a novice, everyone here's friendly and helpful, and its a great place to learn.

                              Just one question, what's a Marriage Celebrant, I'm not familiar with the term.


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