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  • Quick drink

    here's a quick one that i learned many years ago while working as a caddy at the local golf course:

    mix 1 part Vernor's Gingerale with 1 part Whole Chocolate Milk. it MUST be Vernor's and it MUST be whole chocolate milk. none of that 'low fat' stuff. it sounds like an odd mix, i know, but to me, it's ambrosia


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    Raising five children there were times we had to prepare a fast dinner that
    we would all enjoy.The following recipe was discovered on a package of
    Egg Noodles and I used it for years.We all enjoyed it.This can also be used as
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    Super quick peachy desert!
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    Just wanted to share this really easy but yummy desert with you....

    Depending on how many you are feeding its easy to add more of the can prepare in advance and also use a different fruit.

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    I just joined the fun.

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