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Super quick peachy desert!

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  • Super quick peachy desert!


    Just wanted to share this really easy but yummy desert with you....

    Depending on how many you are feeding its easy to add more of the can prepare in advance and also use a different fruit.

    This will serve 4...or two if you love it...

    400grm can of sliced peaches...chopped a little.
    small carton of creme fraiche
    muscavado is important to use this one for the taste.

    put all the peaches in the bottom of a heat proof dish...put the grill on to high at this stage.
    put all the creme fraiche on top, smooth over
    be very generous with the muscavado sugar on top, needs to be fully covered

    pop under the grill till the sugar is bubbling, you have to watch all the time at this stage as it can easily burn...then j ust eat and enjoy.

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