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  • DJ Dubovsky
    I tried your Death by Chocolate as an Easter desert. After giving it careful review I must say.....Don't you ever post another recipe like this again!!!! What are you trying to do, kill me? Oh lord is that rich and gooey and chocolatey and soooooooo good. It went over real well. Everyone thought it was great but I noticed it was not something you could pig out on. I think I just put on 20 pounds eating that.

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  • DJ Dubovsky
    Yes... Bring on the pall bearers I about to die!

    I love you!! Sweet tooth?? My whole mouth is a sweet tooth. I am definately going to die trying this one. Thank you T.

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  • T Paul
    Smile....this recipe is great for the sweet tooth in us all!


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  • Ed_L
    T, I think you're after my *soul*! I've gotta get off here and get something to eat. Love the chocolate stuff.


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  • T Paul
    started a topic DEATH BY CHOCOLATE Recipe



    1 Family size brownie mix
    ¼ - ½ cup Kahlua or coffee liqueur
    2 or 3 boxes chocolate mousse (or chocolate pudding)
    6 –8 Butterfinger candy bars or Heath candy bars
    1 (12 oz) Cool Whip

    Bake brownies according to package; cool

    Punch holes with fork in brownies; pour Kahlua over brownies and set aside.

    Make mousse (or pudding) according to package. Break candy bars with hammer or food processor. If using hammer (break in package).

    Crumble half of brownies into trifle dish, layer half of mousse (or pudding), sprinkle half of candy, spread half of cool whip and repeat layers.

    Leave a few candy chips for garnish.

    Great dish for parties!

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  • DJ Dubovsky
    Mushroom Lasagna
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    OK since I see there are some vegetarians onboard, I think this may do well here. We are not all vegetarians at our house but the taste is so good it doesn't matter. It's the only lasagna I make. It does make an awful lot but I usually cut it up and freeze it for individual meals.

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  • Ed_L
    Hanukkah Noshers recipe
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  • G. Couch
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  • d_kendal
    Dessert recipes
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