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The "whatever is in the pantry" recipe...

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  • The "whatever is in the pantry" recipe...

    It's the end of the have not been grocery shopping in 6 days...your bank account is empty...what can you eat?

    I know that everyone who cooks has had the experience of inventing a meal out of seemingly nothing! While not exactly a recipe, I do usually have some things stashed in the cupboard for just those times. A can of beans, some rice, spices, etc...

    The other night was one of those nights...I had a can of black beans, some Mahatma rice, a can of light coconut milk, an orange, a lime and some curry powder along with some other spices (salt, pepper, garlic). I know it sounds strange but I some how mixed them all together into what I would call a "Caribbean Black Bean and Rice Curry". I know it sounds disgusting but it actually was pretty good.

    Does anyone else have "recipes" like this or am I the only one who occasionally has to eat glorified dorm room food? I NEVER eat fast food anymore, so I have to get creative on a nightly basis!
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    mmmm....dorm room food

    As for end of the week recipes...I wonder what I could make with ketchup and ice?
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      A harmless bloody mary


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          Does anyone else have "recipes" like this or am I the only one who occasionally has to eat glorified dorm room food?
          nope you're not the only one!
          here's my "recipe". it kind of depends what leftovers are around but here's the general idea anyway:

          1 in a small pot, put it either some rice or noodles.

          2add meat (chicken beef or whatever you have)chopped into small peices

          3 add veggies (beans, corn, peas, celery, onions, red or green pepper, broccoli etc. or anything else that you feel like having)

          4 put in about a 1/4 of a can of cream of mushroom soup. add a bit of milk to make it not so thick.

          4 add spices. I usually put in lots of curry, and some dill, chives, or whatever. you can also add things like a tiny bit of mustard, ketchup, or worcestershire sauce for taste.

          5 heat and enjoy


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            I make soup.

            I usually toss little bits & pieces of leftover stuff in the freezer. I keep the bones too.

            I start with chicken broth and add whatever leftover veggies and meat are left over in the freezer. Some spices - a little at a time, whatever smells good together (oregano, thyme, basil, etc.). Add some tomato juice, onion, green pepper, mushrooms. Chilis if I've got 'em...

            Anything really.

            It's never the same twice, but it's always pretty good. (Well, I think so anyway...)


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              (appropriately named. ... you gather what you can salvage and make do with that.)

              chop some onions, garlic. (I always have those)
              chop up whatever other veggies you have.
              any left over meat, chopped. even tofu works but marinate it in tamari first.

              Saute this until the veggies are almost done, then put them in a larger pot.
              I always have cans of tomatoes or tomato sauce around so now throw that in. (this is a basic for the recipie.. add lots!)

              If you have some beans (any kind) add them.
              Now you can add pasta or rice... again whatever you have. a mix is fine.
              It is very important to be creative and now add anything else you think might go... a half a serving of left over stew... left over bit of soup, spaghettti sauce, grated cheese...

              Don't forget the spices. Oregano, basil, parsley, chives, etc.
              Now last but not least.. a liberal dowsing of hot sauce.

              allow it to simmer a bit.. and voila.
              it sounds very weird but it was so good my kids actually used to look forward to "shipwreck" night.


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                they all sound good.... jakaleena's sounds nice and spicy,,